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  • Money-hungry Wallach know his stuff... BUT - Money-hungry Wallach know his stuff... BUT

    Dr. Joel Wallach certainly knows his stuff. He knows the importance of minerals in diet, knows which foods to eat, and has studied long-living cultures and received his information from others who have done extensive research. What I do not like about this book is the fact the entire book is basically Wallach preaching about his supplements and his involvement in different supplement companies. His colloidal minerals are a very good, important supplement but some of his recommendations are strictly because his company happens to carry that certain product. All in all, it's a great book for someone with poor eating habits, and is in poor health. For the educated ones, you can find better material on the internet these days.. or in Robert Barefoots book "The Calcium Factor", which is the best book I have ever read in my life.

  • Amazon Customer - Use to work, but not anymore!

    Oh my - back when SlimQuick had commercials, I paid top dollar for it and lost a good 15lbs. I was never hungry, had a lot of energy and the pounds fell off! This time around - nothing. Nothing changed at all. Once I took two caplets and took a nap about 30 minutes later! I did not lose any weight and will not use this again. It simply didn't work.

  • Candyc17 - One of 2016 best reads! You are gonna love Kaz!

    One of the absolute best reads of 2016! Kaz and Lara's journey is a roller coaster of emotions in the best sense of the word. Both of them seem to find one another when they need someone the most. With what these two have to go through in order to come together you are in for quite a ride. The most amazing part about The Revolution is that SL Scott has been truly able to capture their emotions, their love, and the idea of family in the truest sense of the word. When it gets down and dirty both Kaz and Lara have their Resistance family, their actual families, and each other to get through everything. From start to finish I was captivated with every last word written. Deserves more than 5 stars

  • Lucy Seay - Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i buy this shampoo all the time is great, even my husband uses it all the time, and loves it, stop the hair lost nad leaves silky feeling and stronger hair!!!

  • Karen W - A Waste of Money -- and perhaps a Hoax?

    I know this product is sold through a MLM. Not sure how it got on Amazon but I gave it a whirl. Ridiculous claims. Don't waste your time or money.