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  • Tony S. - The product works great and the SensePeanut App looks very nice says IFTTT and NEST compatibility will be available in October. The product works great and the SensePeanut App looks very nice.

  • Kutrn - Gotta have...can't live without!

    This cloth cleans amazing! It cleans everything amazing from glass, wood, metal, walls, tv and tv tables, mirrors, windows, blinds, leather couches, kitchen counters, tables, cabinets, appliances, bedroom furniture, bathroom countertops, jacuzzi, toilets, and anything else I forgot. Just dampen it and clean (use polishing cloth where needed - one in one hand, the other in the other hand). Rinse it out and clean some more. I'm building up a stock to have an enviro cloth for different sections of the house, but have used one cloth for the whole house (toilets last of course, even though they say the silver will eat the bacteria and doesn't have to be used there last). This cloth dusts, cleans, shines and no chemicals needed. I tried the norwex dusting mitt on my wooden blinds this past weekend and after a couple swipes, decided I wanted my damp enviro cloth instead. The enviro cloth cleaned the blinds as though it caught all the dirt missed from the day I bought them). I decided then that all you really need is the enviro cloth/polishing cloth and the mop to clean your whole house (and the toilet and shower cleaner). For someone who doesn't want to invest a lot of money but wants the norwex experience, just buy 1-2 enviro cloths and polishing cloths (dish soap and detergent to maintain their cleanliness) and the mop! Love the mop! I can clean my whole 2500 square foot ranch in 2 hours and with 2 pugs, feel that my house is truly clean. It feels looks clean...and it lasts a long while staying clean! Next party I'm moving to the facial and body cloths and tooth brush and want to investigate the dog stuff (and a bigger stock of enviro cloths). Go to a party if you can and listen to why just water works with these and all the benefits. I"m actually contemplating getting rid of the house keeper, but am not going to jump too quickly to that decision. And..the prices are the same if not better on the norwex site, so investigate both (especially with the extra shipping outside of norwex and the warranty and growing supply on the norwex site. Enviro cloth is the way to go. I bought the e-cloths right after the party thinking I could use these and get them cheaper, but I'm not as happy with the e-cloths, although they rate high quality compared to what I had prior to Norwex.

  • jordan - Typical

    I don't like Obama at all but I feel as tho if you're going to make an accurate documentary you hsvr to show the good and the bad and let the Viewers decide on all the facts. Not just single out in particular ones

  • Berries - Awesome car seat

    Awesome car seat! Beside the safety factor, we also love the look and feel of this car seat. Our baby seems very happy in it, love that it sits higher up, so he can see out the back window. Very pleased!

  • Stephen J. Boone - Messed Up My Primary Computer Badly By Deleting Critical Stuff

    I agree with the review posted by X.Pert. I, too, am an expert, having owned a computer business for years and having built or worked on hundreds of systems since the mid '80s. I normally run Advanced System Optimizer, which has never once caused me a problem, but it wasn't solving all the issues I perceived with my primary computer, a Lenovo W700 laptop I had just done an OS reinstall and app reinstall on, so I thought I'd let Registry Mechanic 2012 take a swing at things. This turned out to be a horrible mistake.

  • RoseAnaM - GET THIS BOOK

    If you're traveling to Iceland, GET THIS BOOK. It helped us plan our trip, and it was our bible during our trip of the ring road. It was extremely helpful, detailed, and an overall great reference when you're on the road and need to look something up really quick and there's no service for your wi-fi (which certainly happens along the ring road). I almost didn't take it because I didn't want yet another thing to carry around, but I'm so glad I decided against that. I always had it my bag with me, or in my pack when we were hiking ('cause you never know...). I also noticed quite a few other people along the ring road had it as well, so it wasn't just our security blanket. I highly recommend this helpful resource.

  • S. Chang - Magicjack Plus works.

    I have my Magicjack Plus for 3 months now. I am very computer and network savvy so I thought I got nothing to lose to try it. The service is so much cheaper than my typical $24 a month service. There are some important steps you need to follow to successfully implement the MagicJack Plus.