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  • ZoneIII - Not impressed.

    After reading reviews of this product, I decided to try it on my lawn mower engine. There's a YT video where someone does a similar test. (It's an excellent video!) However, I didn't get the same results. I first inspected the piston for carbon build-up before using this product as recommended (and as done in the video mentioned above) but, unlike that video, I saw no difference in the carbon deposits after using Sea Foam. My inspection was done with a fiber optic camera as was done in the video.

  • Pelletier - Great Purchase for the Money!

    "For the price, you really are getting decent quality! It has a bunch of different settings to adjust for different light environments and the zoom on it is pretty good for what you're getting. It's perfect in size, for both my husband and I it fits in each of our hands and is small & light enough that it's easy to hang onto for long periods of time. It also has a photography feature button on it so you can take pictures in the middle of a video.

  • Deborah T. Bucknam - Awful

    It was awful. When I purchased the software online, I was directed to call the company, ostensibly to complete the sign up. But it was a salesman who persuaded me to sign up for additional software because he said the additional software would clean up the computer without taking it to a service center. (This took almost an hour) When I gave him my credit card, it was declined; then a second one was declined--I learned later because they put in my credit card number more than once--so everything was put on hold on both cards, and I could not use either. (I tried to get gas the next day, and I could not with my card) The software I was able to purchase resulted in pop ups everywhere, and my computer slowed down dramatically. (I cannot even load gmail at all.) When I called back and told them I wanted to cancel, they were rude. Even though I uninstalled the programs, my computer is still not right, and I am going to have to take it to my local service provider to get it cleaned up.

  • N Ohana - My 5yr&9yr old love it. It's very simple game to play and ...

    My 5yr&9yr old love it. It's very simple game to play and with motion sense all they have to dance!! I'd recommend it to any kids 5yr and older who is into music & dance!