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  • MamaGrand - Great technical support!

    Worth 5 stars because of the best technical support I have encountered in 30 years of trying to operate a computer. After several tries at using other clunky recipe programs, I settled on Living Cookbook in 2012 (no longer certain which version). After a couple of computer catastrophes this year, my LC files suddenly refused to open, and I looked for solutions on the Forum to no avail. Much to my appreciative surprise, I had an email from a program developer within hours (who had never seen that problem before, either), who patiently wrote me through all the steps involved in retrieving the old files and sharing them for restoration, giving me a basic computer education in about THREE WEEKS of daily emails on his part. (It took 3 weeks because of my ignorance, not his capability!) I am now happily up and running LC 2015. There are many features in LC I have never used, but I am completely happy with the process of entering new recipes, love the nutritional data, find it easy to add new ingredients to the nutritional data file, and like being able to find all the recipes that I could make with that last dab of sour cream or coconut milk. I have not explored printing in the 2015 version, and hope its versatility has been improved...the early version seemed to be Print All or None, unless the recipes were opened one at a time. Formatting printed recipes was also very limited. When they finally license at a reasonable rate to other computers in the same household (like 2-3), I will be buying that upgrade. Meanwhile, I concur with the sentiments of Margaret Gunn ("Victoria" magazine, Sept. 1998) in her "Ode to Cookbook": " Henceforth, dear friends, in leisure hours/I'll dig around among the flours,/ And who can tell what wondrous things/Will rise on baking powder wings/Beneath the magic of my hand?/ When I shall come to understand/The use of all and nothing waste,/A pinch of salt and "spice to taste."/ Then I shall give my friends a feast/With heart as light as well-proofed yeast;/ And if, with joy, my stuff is eaten,/I'll not regret the eggs I've beaten./ And to you, (Living) Cook Book, shall e'er be due/ All praise--and many thanks to you!"

  • Robert J - another product ruined by Marketing.......

    I've used, and trusted Kaspersky for years, BUT, their "mandatory registration" driven by nag screens has become more grievous than the malware they are allegedly protecting me from. I will find other solutions to protect my PC. I buy security products to protect my systems, not to open another marketing gateway to my screen.

  • ReviewMaster - I have used this book since the 1970's!

    It is THE go to book on Style, editing and grammar. I first became familiar with Strunk when I was attending the University of Memphis. it has been a welcome part of my writing library since those days of long ago. I can attest that the quality of my writing has been frequently enhanced because I turned to this little volume for guidance. Worth every penny if you write on a regular basis.

  • A. Manley - Transfer factor for my kitten

    I have a cat who was born on a farm and had been through practically everything imaginable, so when he was diagnosed with feline leukemia at 4 months old I was determined to beat it. I came across Transfer Factor - the human formula - and started administering that twice a day with vitamin c and a high protein diet. When he was retested 3 months later the results were negative.. and I was thrilled! He is now just over a year old and perfectly healthy and happy.

  • F. Denise Roe - So glad Aurora is back.

    I get so lost in Charlie Harris's books. She picked up with out missing a beat. Keep it up, can't wait for more.