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  • greenkarma - Not working for my Cocker Spaniel!!

    This collar is not working for my cocker spaniel at all! I don't know if he's too furry and it's not getting down on his skin or what. I will not purchase another one of these for him again! It has been on him for about 3 months now and no change. He STILL has fleas to this day. He even gets baths 1x a week (I take the collar off of course) and then I put it back on him as soon as he's dry. He has been clipped in the past month or so but the collar still appears to not really be working on him. When I give him a bath 100s of fleas come off him. Even by his neck where the collar is!

  • Professor Farnsworth - Works great

    Love my BOB and love that I can use the adapter. I have the keyfit 30, works like a charm. Easy to put together, seat snaps in like other chicco strollers, etc. If I had known how great this stroller is I would not have gotten the travel system, but just the seat with this stroller. I might change my mind as I am going to fly several times soon and I don't want my BOB to get beat up, so I will take the chicco stroller.

  • TN mom - Good for basic tax returns.

    This software package seems to be adequate for today's tax returns. It does include the 1095A issue with ACA regs.

  • Charles J. Seitz - Socket Set

    Took over 10 days to get, when item came the case it comes in was badly damaged, the top of the case had a crack the whole length of the lid 1 socket was missing, all the other sockets were just laying all over, do not think I will order any more tools from them