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Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - HOME - A medical reference point that'll help people gain self-confidence in their ability to control their symptoms, better manage their health problems, and lead fuller lives.

  • https://kardzmed.com/kardz/health Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - Health Articles - Read doctor-produced health and medical information written for you to make informed decisions about your health concerns.
  • https://kardzmed.com/kardz/medical-reference Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - Med student - Health information for consumers on first aid for medical emergencies, accidents and injuries, symptoms and treatment of disease and health conditions
  • https://kardzmed.com/kardz/health/item/389-how-to-recognise-internal-bleeding Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - How To Recognise Internal Bleeding - Blunt trauma classically causes internal bleeding, which often occurs through 'seat belt trauma' or blows to the abdomen. Unfortunately in many cases there are no visible signs of internal bleeding, which can make diagnosing the condition very hard.
  • https://kardzmed.com/kardz/health/item/410-what-you-should-know-before-getting-pregnant-preconception-care Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - Plan your #pregnancy-What you should know - Not enough women take advantage of the fact that there are things you can do prior to conception to not only ensure your own health during pregnancy, but also that of your baby. Take a moment to learn what you can do now to give yourself the best chance for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
  • https://kardzmed.com/kardz/health/item/260-is-tamoxifen-effective-in-breast-cancer-prevention Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - Is Tamoxifen effective in breast cancer prevention? - MOst women take tamoxifen to prevent the occurence of breast cancer. But How effective is this method of prophylaxis
  • https://kardzmed.com/kardz/health/item/305-psychiatric-disorders Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - What is the Impact of Psychiatric Disorders on Employers? - Psychiatric illnesses fall into several categories: anxiety, mood and schizophrenic disorders. Anxiety disorders include anxiety attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • https://kardzmed.com/kardz/health/item/371-does-alcohol-solve-emotional-problems Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - Does Alcohol Solve Emotional Problems - For some individuals alcohol equals power and strength - probably in actual life they suffer from low self-esteem and the alcohol gives them the daring they need. It is not a secret that guys who are not talkative, have to take a drink or two, in order to talk to a stranger.
  • https://kardzmed.com/kardz/medical-reference/item/456-stomatitis-canker-cold-aphthous-sores Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - Mouth Ulcers - Canker Sores or Aphthous Stomatitis - They are painful round and shallow and show up in several places, What can you do to treat, manage, prevent the sores??
  • https://kardzmed.com/kardz/medical-reference/item/455-paronychia-swelling-around-the-nail-fold-runaround-infection Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - PARONYCHIA - SWELLING AROUND THE NAIL FOLD - Paronychia is a common hand infection around a fingernail that begins as cellulitis but may progress to a definite abscess. Leran on how to manage the infection
  • https://kardzmed.com/kardz/health/item/454-preventing-urinary-tract-infections-home-remedies Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - Preventing Urinary Tract Infections - Women afflicted with recurrent UTIs may benefit from behavioral modification.These behavioral modifications are
  • https://kardzmed.com/kardz/health/item/453-what-to-do-when-you-have-no-time-to-work-out Kardz Medicine | Better Information | Healthy living - No Time To Work Out? - A day not at the gym does not mean a day not dedicated to your new healthy lifestyle . A day not at the gym does not mean a day of doing nothing. A healthy lifestyle has to become a habit first, and that will only happen by...

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