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City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Frank Bracken - 2014 Delorme Street Atlas Update is far behind google maps

    Overall, I find Delorme Street Atlas is to be the best map source for calculating road trips. But prior to 2011 through 2013, Street Atlas has provided minimum updates to their maps in each release. I was therefore expecting that the new release of 2014 would include a comprehensive update of all roads and streets in the US. My first exposure to 2014 Street Atlas was on a trip to Las Vegas which I found out quickly that the exit numbers along Hwy 215 were wrong and in some parts completely missing. I-215 is a major highway that loops around Las Vegas. It has been completed since 2006. In addition to missing exit numbers, I also found minimum amount of updates in new developed areas in Las Vegas that are available on Google and Garmin maps. If this Las Vegas example is indicative of the whole update process of Street Atlas 2014, then I suggest using Google or some other mapping application to plan your trip.

  • Sarah G - Not worth the price for subpar definition and smell

    It smelled like artificial almond/vanilla candles which is not how I want my hair to smell. I compared it to the Cantu twist and lock shea butter gel and by far the Cantu held a twist out a ton better. I could see curl definition and it was frizz free with Cantu. With this product my hair was frizzy and dry looking the next day. When I took my Bantu knots out all the hair was clumped and wet and having to pull it apart made my hair look uncombed and without definition.

  • J. J. - Good for occasional use, don't expect being able to upgrade equipment ever

    I got the photon a year or so ago and it's been great for my needs. I typically just need something as a backup for emergencies or in places where there's no free wifi available. The speed is decent and I usually pay $0-$10 per month.

  • Bill Buco - Very little information on the CDs - Don't waste your money

    Very little information on the CDs - Don't waste your money, you can easily find this information on the Web.

  • A CAMP - Great knife

    This knife fits like a glove in my hand, I love the feel and shape of it. The sharpness is just below that of a Miyabi 600D witch is