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KAADA / PATTON - Mike Patton and fellow Ipecac resident KAADA’s collaboration. New album in 2016 "Bacteria Cult" 

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • ECast - The box is excellent, like I said, but buy a separate controller if you want to work this thing accurately

    It's a solid product. Right out-the-box... a very pro looking box. It comes with simple instructions that work. The setup is easy, as long as you follow the instructions, you won't have a problem. Everything I've tried works without a hitch and no buffering issues whatsoever. We tried our android games purchased from Google play and Amazon and they work well with our wireless controller.

  • Michedolene Hogan - The Program Works for the Right Scenario

    I was pulled into the long list of reviews here and noticed that all of them were one extreme or the other. Some say it was awesome and a must have (very likely paid or compensated reviews) and others state it is the worst and a HUGE waste of their money, but nothing in moderation.

  • Rosa Silva - Excellent set of makeup brushes!! Soft, durable, and even comes with instructions!!!!

    If you're into makeup, chances are you've heard the term kabuki brush, and you may be wondering exactly what it is and if it's necessary to your beauty regimen. It's not essential to creating a pretty, made up face, but it is a tool that most professionals use to create a flawless finish for their clients. Since kabuki brushes are for those looking to take their makeup to the next level, and I was looking to step up my makeup game, I thought I would give these brushes from LaGure a try. These makeup brushes are excellent! I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and durable they are. I was able to put on my makeup with ease. My foundation went on flawlessly. This set comes with such a wide variety of brushes, you literally have one for every kind of makeup application you would ever need. I love that they also include a leaflet with what you can use each makeup brush for. That was especially helpful for me. I was able to study the leaflet and I knew exactly which brush to use for what. I keep that in my makeup drawer and I refer to it almost every time I apply my makeup. My favorite brush is the one that you use to apply makeup around your eyes. It has a tapered end, so I can apply concealer and foundation under my eyes and I'm able to apply it with a nice even stroke. I am super impressed with this set and I'm so happy I purchased it! If you are looking for makeup brushes to improve your makeup game then get yourself a set of these today!!! *I received this product for free/at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and review.

  • The Monarch - Not very effective. You'd be better off just doing sit-ups...

    First off, you should know that this product is not intended to help you lose weight, burn calories or build muscle. It is simply intended to help tone your abdominal muscles, and it's quite ineffective at even doing that.

  • Justin Clifford - HIGHLY reccommend

    This kit comes with EVERYTHING you will need to have a functioning remote start using the factory remote in the car. It was EXTREMELY easy to install, especially with the provided instructions and YouTube video. This kit is literally all plug and play except for two wires, which you won't even need to cut, since the kit includes the 2 needed T taps. Again, this was an EXTREMELY easy installation and the kit is not missing a thing. Great price too!

  • Pauline Simons - absolutely love it. The car I have now is the ...

    This is the third RAV4 that I purchased, absolutely love it. The car I have now is the limited which means it has every safety feature out there. Would recommend Toyota to everyone I know.

  • Leah Aksenova - Highly recommended.

    The kids just love to dance to their favorite tunes. It is such a workout. Trust me. We put this on about 3 times a week and I dance with the kids. I have lost 15 lbs in the last month!