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Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound | Home page - <p>Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound is the premier open access journal focused on the rapidly growing field of therapeutic ultrasound and aims to publish the most cutting-edge research on non-invasive therapeutic technology as an alternative to surgery or radiation.  The journal shares in the mission of its official societies, the Focused Ultrasound Foundation (FUSF) and the International Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound (ISTU), which is to accelerate the adoption of therapeutic ultrasound as a clinical tool and prevent unnecessary death, disability and suffering for patients worldwide.  The APCs of all accepted articles are paid for by the society.</p>

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  • David Owen - What is this (sim)world coming to?

    I have a special place in my heart for SimCity4, and really the entire SimCity series. I've been playing it for eight years on a pretty regular basis. That's why, after attempting to play the travesty that is SimCity5, I knew I had to get online and try and prevent anyone else from spending any money on it. PLEASE - Do not buy this product.

  • Nicole Derrick - Too good to pass up

    I get all the mental benefits from Neutropix that you cant find somewhere else. The results are astounding. I once had difficulty with my

  • [email protected] - Cute and very bright

    Super fun bright jersey. Really love it. A little stiff out of the bag, but I think it will soften with a few washes

  • TrailBlazer - No problems!

    I gave this product a poor review on Jan 2, 2012 due to lack of support from Kaspersky. Thanks to the vendors help I have had my problem solved and continue to use this software to protect my computer. On more than one situation the software has warned me of impending danger to my computer. I trust Kaspersky and only wish they had helped me earlier.

  • Mike - Great for the Access noobie

    Great way to learn Access for the Access novice - Probably won't help the seasoned Access user much.

  • Clue - Lasting Relief without the smell!

    I have arthritis in both knees and struggle with the constant pain when the weather changes. I have explored other over the counter pads, creams and oil's but they never seem to work for very long. LivRelief Ultra Strength Natural Pain Relief has a faint odor that goes away and doesn't make you smell like medicine over load. When I applied the cream, it was greaseless and did not burn rubbing it in, I felt relief and it lasted a few hours. I would recommend LivRelief and will purchase for these reason's, it's natural, odorless, doesn't burn, lasting pain relief and it works. I received a free sample of LivRelief Ultra Strength Natural Pain Relief from pinchme.com to try and give my opinion.

  • Average joe - i was told those codes mean my catalytic is below threshold it should be at meaning catalytic is clogged or burning oil which is

    I recently bough a lincoln ls and orignally thought i had bough a lemon the v6 3.0 the check engine light came on after about 100 miles from the dealer and was reading codes p0420 p0430, i was told those codes mean my catalytic is below threshold it should be at meaning catalytic is clogged or burning oil which is what i thought so i drove the car 3000 miles and the transmission started acting funny i took her on a highway 4 and half hour ride and she was refusing to give me the power to maintaini speed up hills and she would sound real mean and shake, i wanted to try cataclean and did but i refused to drive her 4 and a half hours home because she was leaking oil due to catalytic my mechanic said one of my catalytics was hollowed out and the 02 sensor was broke probably at same time, i was only able to get one catalytic so far , so the hollowed out one is hollow till new part comes from china that being said i drove the car 250 miles on highway and right when my car got on E. the check engine light came back on, after i put cataclean in it i followed instruction on bottle instead of filling car all the way up i kept ratio same as bottle said, this brought gas gauge to a 3/4 of tank i drove a quarter tank(50 miles) and car misfired which she never did before i know this because check engine light was blinking so mechanic had a real hard time diagnosing catalytic and thought car had a lot more problems then it did, because of the misfire i wanted to dilute the cataclean more and put about 8 or 9 gallons and brought car back to mechanic he fixed catalytic and check engine light was off until my car was literally barely above Empty. I tried this to late if i would of tried it earlier it may have worked, somehow this stuff kept he check engine light off and i diluted it as much as possible and had a hollowed out catalytic , Car runs and drives good but is parked till catalytic comes. Ill give it four stars because it did keep check engine light off for a full tank however it did cause my car to misfire which is why i diluted it more, it didnt misfire after catalytic was replaced so i cant blame product 100 percent