John McGuinness Official website - John McGuinness is the current Isle of Man TT lap record holder and the second most successful TT rider of all time with 23 wins and 44 podiums.

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 8.6833 Hesse, Germany

  • GW Finch - great bag for office

    I ordered the Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag (Black, Large) that was Sold by: LLC... paid $103.00

  • Kaity - Not too bad

    They aren't quality stories. I reccomend this book to kids 6 and under. Some of the stories don't make sense.


    I cannot recommend this product. I bought it 5 months ago as a xmas present for my husband. We use the smoothie cup a lot. Functionally, the blender works well, but the cup repeatedly (and from the beginning) gets stuck on the machine. It 'locks' onto the base, and then it takes considerable force to get it off. Today, after working on it for 15 minutes (until my hands hurt), I finally called customer service who finally instructed me to turn the entire unit (base and cup) onto it's side to see if we could get it unlocked. The rep suggested that there was residue stuck in the lock mechanism that was making it difficult to unlock and remove the cup, but the spring was working freely and I couldn't see or feel any residue when I examined the unit after finally getting the cup off. The frustration factor is huge -- my take is that this is a poor product design. They no longer sell this unit on their website and I wouldn't be surprised if they changed the mechanism on other units. The CSR seemed to think that there should be 2-3 lock mechanisms in this unit, but there's only one. So if it malfunctions, you're sunk. AGAIN -- DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT IF YOU WANT TO USE THE SMOOTHIE FUNCTION. It's more expensive, but next time I'll buy from the competition. HIGHLY DISSATISFIED.

  • Mr. Jared - WORKS GREAT!

    This products works, after trying endless wart removal acids whatever else there is on the market I tried this do it yourself freeze kit. At first I tried following the instructions carefully, wetting the wart, freezing the stick with the canister for 5 seconds and then applying for 40 seconds, immedietly after I realized that this is not enough, I have had a pea size wart on my index finger for over a year now and this bastard had to be frozen all the way back to the ice ages. To get the best result take a long hot bath and when your done your skin will be pretty wet and soft, freeze the stick for 7 seconds, wait another 15 seconds and then apply and hold onto the wart for atleast 2 minutes even if it hurts or burns just keep going. I have done this about 7 times during the last 2 weeks and the bastard has gotten significantly smaller about 2/3 the size of what it was and it's healing up pretty well.

  • Amazon Customer - Hard to install--had to call customer service--very rude customer service experience

    I like McAfee. I always find the "download from the Internet" versions hard to install. I miss a disc that I can load onto my computer.

  • D. Taylor - Nope.

    When I purchased this product line the first time, I was led to believe it would help me regrow the hair I'd lost. I think that perhaps it was because the stylist misunderstood the definition of the term "thinning hair" as used by the product manufacturer. It is in reality, great for making thin hair look thicker, but it is not for the loss of hair at all and the manufacturer doesn't claim it is even tho' some reviews by customers imply this.

  • Ryan Hernalsteen - If you're like me, you hate having to scrub and scrub ...

    If you're like me, you hate having to scrub and scrub to get your floor mats clean. I bought these for my new truck, and my life is so much easier. Now I just vacuum the mats and the area around them, wipe the mats down, and my floor is good to go. These are well worth the money!