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  • J. McMichen - I used this mounting hardware on my Honda Recon to ...

    I used this mounting hardware on my Honda Recon to mount a Warn winch to the frame. The plate is heavy duty and fit the ATV without any modification.

  • Sarah N - Not just for stretch marks

    This lotion is an all around winner. I use it on my belly and it does well for stretch marks, absorbs quickly and smells great. I also use it on my breasts as they chafe from my nursing bra and I use it to lube to flanges of my pump, I am exclusively pumping and found this product more useful than nipple butters. I also found it to be great on my baby's aggressive cradle cap, scoop some on the scalp and use the soft brush throughly and wash with baby's shampoo then just a dap brushed on after the bath. Cured my sons cradle cap.

  • LowCarbLivin - Great! Highly recommend.

    This definitely works, and you will the results in a couple of weeks. I use it before I run. It does improve cellulite and also tones the skin. However, I am sure that you need to work out and eat healthily or it isn't going to work.

  • Dyoshida23 - This cup looks so good! It is also smooth black

    This cup looks so good! It is also smooth black. I have two Yeti cups but this is by far my favorite now. So glad I got it.

  • Sarita - but I DO have good concealer. I received this product at a discount ...

    Feels light on my undereyes and is very sensitive. I am able to wear it under my makeup and concealer with no issues. It seems to help, but I DO have good concealer.

  • JLeigh - Not a big banana fan, but LOVE this machine!

    This thing is AWESOME. I actually bought a used one to gift to my nephews as a Christmas present, so I pulled it out to make sure it worked before wrapping it up. Of course I had to try it out first since it was pre-owned! I'm so glad I did! I've never had frozen bananas and I'm not a huge banana fan, but this thing can take bananas, strawberries, and other frozen things. Since I'm such a coffee fanatic, I actually froze little shots of espresso and put those in it with the bananas. The frozen espresso doesn't keep an ice-cream like texture without the bananas, but I was surprised how good everything was with bananas. I actually had to buy one for myself as well!

  • Bruce - Cheap Junk

    After three days of light use it literally blew up in my hand. I had used it to soften caulk around the shower/tub the first time I used it. Then for the next two days I used it to remove old paint from a fireplace mantle. I never used it more than about 30 40 minutes each time the first two days. On day three, ten minutes into a project, sparks started flying out the side vents in the rear, I immediatley turned it off and let it cool down but when I tried to turn it on it was dead. Don't waste your money on this cheap piece of junk.