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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Nancy S. Hutz - Really disappointed

    Having been used to a user friendly American Greeting card program for many years I was sorry to have to get a new one when I got a new computer with Windows 8. This Hallmark program is not user friendly. First, it won't conform in size to the screen. Second, transferring addresses from the address book to an envelope is way too complicated. Tasks that should be simple (and were on the AG program) are much more difficult. Finally, the instruction book and the tutorial are no help. They tell me what great things the program can do, but do not tell me details on how to do it! I would return it, but it is a gift, and I am determined to master it. No fun!

  • Marlene C. Kremer - Great

    As always Debbie Macomber wrote a wonderful book. I admit I hesitated buying the book, because I don't like spending over $10 for an e-book ( ok, so I'm cheap). Since I've never read a book written by Debbie Macomber that I didn't love, I brought it. I'm glad I did. Great story, well written, romance, no sex. I loved the book. I will re-read it again & again.

  • Cait C - I'm not pregnant but I know prenatal vitamins are good for you even when you're not pregnant so I ...

    One bottle comes with 120 capsules and 2 capsules is a serving so one bottle will last you too weeks. The capsules are relatively normal sized capsules, not too difficult to swallow. I'm not pregnant but I know prenatal vitamins are good for you even when you're not pregnant so I try to take them if I can afford them. I have been taking them for two weeks now and so far I have not experienced any negative side effects. Seems to be a pretty good prenatal vitamin.

  • J. A. Kunzler - Necessary if you need to learn Quickbooks quickly

    A very valuable book to quickly get into Quickbooks. I needed to within a few days learn how to operate Quickbooks - and this book made that possible.

  • TL Lord - However it is a pretty cool concept

    I was not sure what to expect. At first I was surprised by the size of it. It is much larger than the average umbrella. However it is a pretty cool concept. It works just as stated. It is fairly easy to turn it inside out to prevent from getting wet. It is sturdy and durable. I have used it with pretty srong winds and it held up very well. I wish it was smaller as it is not an umbrella I would carry everyday. It will be useful in my car.

  • Heather S. Hendrix - very pleased

    I'm always pleased with Mcafee products and this one's no exception. This was sent to me quickly and was in top condition when I got it. I had no problems installing and downloading it and can relax knowing my computer's protected.