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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Leah Renée - I like it!

    I just recently got this product! I love how it makes my face feel. It makes it feel alittle tighter and also smooth at the same time. I am only in my late twenties so I don't have wrinkles galore(just a few), but I do want to start working on my skin before crazy amounts of wrinkles come. Overall I love the feel of it! I haven't used it long enough to see if I see a difference(only a week). Even if I don't notice a difference in my skin,I will still use because of how it makes My face feel! Oh I also love that it has natural ingredients in it! You hardly ever see a good amount of natural items in face creams/serums.

  • Cajunman90 - Awesome Product, Awesome Seller

    Bought this for my wife and she could not be happier. The sellers send clear emails on how to use the product (which is super easy btw, but the instructions help with odd shaped bottles). We actually sat down and stuck all her nail polish bottles in it to try it out and they all stayed. We are quite impressed. Guys, this makes a great gift for a wife/girlfriend and she will definitely thank you for it. Great product and great sellers!

  • Kylie Zeigler - Sad but true.

    I love the scent. The conditioner is sticky and doesn't hydrate as much as I'd like. The shine cream doesn't give me any shine at all. I'm not trying to be picky or anything.. I've been using Fekkai for a couple years now, but quite honestly I don't see a difference when I switched back to cheaper shampoos and conditioners. In fact, joico has been my go-to rescuer when it comes to hydration, smell, softness and shine. Not worth the money. All you're paying for is the name.

  • Erik F. - Fizzics Is the Best and Easiest Way to Get the Draft Beer Experience From Bottle or Can At Your Home

    This thing is awesome. It's part gimmick, part actually functioning beer tapper/dispenser. It does what claims to do. It's not something everyone needs or will want. I like it for tapping a freshly filled growler the best.It's the closest to a draft beer experience without having the expense, the space, or the maintenance of a kegerator. I find the machine works best for styles of beer that are not super hoppy or high ABV that have very sharp flavors and typically don't pour heads. I would never put an imperial stout or a barley wine, or probably anything barrel aged in this machine as the very sharp alcohol and complex flavors will tend to get smoothed over by the pseudo-nitro head. But for any kind of lagers, stouts, brown ales, wheat beers, session able beer styles, even 40 ounce malt liquor bottles, those are the best. I don't use the machine every time I want to drink a beer. But when I am craving and smooth and creamy texture similar to draft beer, I'll tap myself a can or bottle.

  • Amazon Customer - Works better than tampons and pads just pop it in

    Works better than tampons and pads just pop it in. It's like I'm not even on my period. The first time I had a bit of leakage, but after the second time I got a little more comfortable and haven't had any problems.