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  • JC Cats - Update on product.

    It worked sporadically. After a week or so of use it just quit working completely. I am returning it and looking for another brand.

  • N. Bailey-Waddy - Great Buy!!!

    I am so pleased with my choice, why spen aton of money when you can get a quality Tablet that does everything that the higer priced ones do. Excellent pictures and good resolution. Very pleased.

  • Amy Ball - Lifesaver!!!

    Wow! Easy to read and understand .. It all makes sense now.. I have been on the pharmaceutical and doctor merry go round now for two plus years .. Only masking the symptoms .. Not finding the cause .. After reading this .. I am about to jump off the merry go round.. And take nutrition by the hand! Thank you !! (Formerly from Durango CO as well )

  • Jacenta Jackson - ... product it I must say that it works really great.. But for some reason my hair is ...

    I have been using this product it I must say that it works really great..But for some reason my hair is now a more curly texture even after being relaxed.

  • katelyn esparza - Jut buy it already!! It works!

    First of all, this product smells amazing! I purchased it because I have always struggled to grow my hair. In the past month, my hair has grown 3 inches!! It's like a weed. People are noticing and complimenting me. The only two issues are that it doesn't lather well and I have experienced some hair loss, but honestly, it's completely worth it to me. I am thrilled.

  • D. Jester - Good stands, just know their limitations

    Pretty solid for their size, weight, and price. These are not meant for competitive powerlifters, just not that heavy duty. I see they are rated to 390 lbs. I think I would stop at around 315 on them (3- 45 lb./20kg plates on each side of an olympic bar). Also I would not bang a heavy weight against the backstop of them. Use with common sense, and they should be adequate for all but the most serious of home gyms. They are also light enough to put away when not in use.

  • Dean Rushfeldt - a must for Ram truck owners. Ram doesn't provide ...

    a must for Ram truck owners. Ram doesn't provide a cap for the diesel fill tube, just a flapper that can collect dirt, etc.Looks great