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  • JaiZoe's MOM - But you will be amazed at what this lil baby can do

    Still playing with it perfecting projects . . . But you will be amazed at what this lil baby can do!!! Detailed projects would not be a good option for this machine though.

  • clinton - New Beauty Fave!!

    My new favorite beauty product by far!! I have extremely soft teeth and have had a lot of dental work done because of it so keeping my teeth white has never been easy but this product has changed my life!! I have only been using for a week (they recommend waiting a month to see results) and I can already see a huge difference!! It was weird at first using a powdered toothpaste and watching my whole mouth turn black but now it's like my favorite part of the day. It is kind of a pain to brush with toothpaste or water again after using this but it is so worth it to have a pretty smile again!! I doesn't really have a taste to it but it is not unpleasant in any way by any means! I highly recommend! I have even got my husband to start using it! This is definitely something I will keep using and tell everyone about! I did receive this product for free for me to review but the is my honest and unbiased opinion and review.

  • PcTechPaul - Awesome, Just Awesome

    I ordered this from the seller about a year ago and I had one of the worst cock roach infestations that I had ever seen in my life. It was so bad that I could see them at night crawling on the inside of the TV screen, I had to throw out 2 coffee pots because they were breeding inside parts I couldn't even get to in order to clean along with a wooden knife block in the kitchen. I had to throw out an alarm clock because their were dead roaches covering the LED numbers so that you couldn't make out what time it was.

  • Karim Mansouri - Should be required reading in all high schools and universities.

    Excellent book. Short, to the point, permitting the reader to question and confirm the many facts presented in the book. Amazing how many lies we have been told and obviously the poor condition of humanity today. It helps explain today, why America, the European Union, and Israel are so hated around the world. Why there are so many wars, poor people, refugees, families destroyed, family values destroyed, people being dumbed down.

  • Elizabeth - Great blender. Blends quickly. Takes technique to completely eliminate the chunks.

    I received this as a Christmas present from my parents. They knew I was really into juicing and smoothies but didn't have a real blender. I only had a small Bella Rocket. The Bella was fine but I wanted to make big batches of smoothies and freeze them for easy-to-grab morning smoothies. For the first three months after I received this blender, I used it every day. Sometimes I would only drink smoothies for the day (with oatmeal and other filling things). This blender does the trick and blends things quickly. It crushes ice in seconds. I have even made some 10 second margaritas in this blender.

  • PaulJ - The pipcam25 box list a lot of specifications. Buyer ...

    The pipcam25 box list a lot of specifications. Buyer beware : most of those specs are not available. For example there is no zoom. There is no motion sensor. There is no SD card slot.. etc.. The camera itself is OK .Scroll down on the Pipcam25 page and find a chart that list the non available specs.

  • HectorC - Works but products breaks

    It's does work but the product broke at 2 months. The agent I spoke to on the phone said that I needed to buy pads which I did, after just had my brand new gel pads for 1 week. When I got the pads, the belt still didn't work. The second guy said that is has to be the controller. Now 2 weeks after, they are going to replace the controller but not the belt. If the belt still doesn't work when I receive the controller, I have to call them back and get the whole thing replaced, wasting more time. First guy told me I was going to be getting en extra set of pads for free since they were making me buy an extra set that i did not need to purchase. When I spoke to the second customer service rep, he said that they never offer this to anyone. BAD BUSINESS AND BAD PRODUCT!!!