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  • Cheryl J. Goebel - be the only kid on your block to own one.

    It took my, very agile, grandson a few days, but he is doing great. Great for balance and coordination. He likes it alot.

  • Lincoln Rose - Luvvnation rules!!

    I've been waiting for this book to drop..and I love it! It's a good field guide to life. Plus, it's not just a rehash of blog posts.

  • Finding Sanity In Our Crazy Life - Pain Relief

    My daughter suffers from knee pain and even after physical therapy they cannot find the cause. They say her muscles/tendons are just not strong enough so after being busy all day her knees hurt. She doesn't like taking pain medication and we prefer she only take it if absolutely necessary, so she was excited to give this a try. She liked how easy it was to rub in and that it did not smell medicated. It provided her with relief and helped her to be able to continue with her daily activities. I am glad it worked so well for her and will be purchasing this for her to have on hand.

  • J. Allis - So far, so good

    I have pet parrots and a mouse problem. These things are probably related, but makes dealing with the mice difficult because 1: I don't like inhumane traps and poisons and 2: most of the remaining options for dealing with mice are potentially hazardous to sensitive birdie lungs and curious beaks.