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  • Vivian Gendernalik - Acts Like Introductory Software Full of Bugs

    If the title was stripped from the software and I was asked to do a blind test on it, testing it, I would be convinced after giving it a full run this was a newly introduced software from all of the unresponsive and quirky behavior I experienced. It actually fights against your actions: you can try, and I say try, to copy and paste somethings and it will not do it, or it will jump your cursor some other place. And one of the persons responsible for it has a control-issue as this person wants to shove his/her idea of the perfect font, calibri/cambria, onto everyone, every single time, at the line spacing he/she wants. Every time you open up a new document, the font is Cambria/Calibri and set at 11. So if you like times new roman or Arial and 12 points, you have to each time reset it, you can't just start typing. This is a major time-consuming irritation.

  • Amazon Customer - Hi. I am deciding to buy an electronic cutting ...

    Hi. I am deciding to buy an electronic cutting machine. Looking at thise and brother scan n cut machine. Most of the time i'm using felt material. Has anyone tried using felt and how's the outcome? TIA

  • Isaac Lubrun - Dont Buy This Piece of $***

    This is literally the worst phone i have ever owned in my life. It looks really good when u turn it on but when you start downloading apps it will say that it cant because the internal storage is fulll. i moved everything to my phone but still the phone storage is full, if u dont have a sd card and u foolishly decide to buy this you are gonna be frustrated and disappointed. after my apps download i would click on one of my apps that is a moving wallpaper and the phone said that the APP WASNT INSTALLED!! when it clearly was. i rebooted it and redownload the app and it still didnt load. apps that have Widgets like facebook and tumblr didnt apear when i wanted to put their widgets on my screen, like it wasnt even there even though i downloaded them all. I got this phone so i could stop using my BLU Advanced 4.0L, i thought that the 4.0l was decent but wanted an upgrade but all i got was a broken beta phone that claimed it was Android 5.1 lollipop, i regret even looking at it on Amazon. Please if ur reading this dont buys this Piece of $***.

  • hatice basaga - it wasnt new

    I order this book thinking it was new but it is and i looked inside there was lots of writing and question marks all over the book. Since i paid a penny for it wasnt a bad deal at all.

  • Darrell Shankles - I was very disappointed when trying to create a route

    I was very disappointed when trying to create a route. The steps were very cumbersome and not user friendly

  • Monica - Made my skin glow

    This product will definitely make your skin glow but it can irritate very sensitive skin and cause breakouts. Test it on a small patch of skin first to see how you react.

  • Amazon Customer - I hate to do this but I thought this was just ...

    I hate to do this but I thought this was just awful. I have long and thick hair. You can only put a very small, and I'm talking small amount of hair into the chamber for it to give your hair any sort of curl. I was thoroughly disappointed. So it's going back! I would suggest if you have thick, long hair you reconsider purchasing this product. The concept is great but it just doesn't cut it!