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  • Brittany B. - Odors? yes. Stains? no

    I'm currently fostering a pit bull who marks his territory in my house when left alone for even a few minutes. Frequently I don't discover the urine until it's already dried into the carpet and I'm left with both the scent and the stain. This product works well for removing the scent/odor of urine, but it definitely doesn't remove the stain. Thankfully a friend of mine who owns a consignment store another product, Kleen Warrior (sold door to door) that lifts the urine stain overnight.

  • Tommy of Richmond - Waiting for spring

    STILL waiting for spring to see the dormant seeds come out, but so far, so good. Had many sprouts in bare spots that never grew grass well around shady areas before winter stuck. If I have good grass pop up in spring time then it will be two thumbs up on J G.

  • Rachel Thaxton - Hair Strengthener???

    I'm not sure if this product works well or not, maybe I bought it for the wrong reason. I have noticed losing less hair when brushing but I'm just not sure if this is the right product. The smell is not horrible, its something I can get passed.

  • Camille Diaz - Best Stain Remover - Works on Anything

    I have both kids and pets and I have used Kids 'N' Pets for years. It's always worked for stain and odor removal on my carpets, furniture, and car interior. I've even used it to pre-treat the laundry. Today I used it to get red liquid food dye out of my carpet. It all came out! This stuff is amazing.

  • gardenjean - Killed the mold by scrubbing

    With the black mold on my house, I first just sprayed it on and left it without rinsing. There were changes a few weeks later, with less noticeable black spots, but they did not totally disappear. A couple months later, I got out the brush I use for cleaning the house siding and scrubbed the Wet and Forget into all the walls and left it on without rinsing as instructed. And that did the trick. It took hold and got ride of all the mold. I also just sprayed it on my privacy cedar fence that has green mold, and it changed it immediately to white the next day and disappear completely in a couple of weeks. So if you have a stubborn mold mildew problem, scrub it in. Do a good cleaning and it will do the trick. Also, this will damage plants, so what I did was spray all the plants down with the water afterwards and that worked in saving them from damage. I will buy this again and treat the house in the spring to get ahead of the any ugly mold that may come my way.

  • TravelFree - Good knife, garbage sheath

    I give this knife 4 stars and not 5 because the sheath is absolutely awful. In fact it might actually be unusable. The plastic is very rickety and the "latch" mechanism is terrible. Otherwise the knife is pretty good.

  • bumpskiier - Poor quality control

    Bolt fell out of the bottom while using it causing the wood to shoot out and break. Plastic piece to measure height was also cracked on delivery. Poor quality control, glad I wasn't standing behind it when the wood shot out across the room. Machine struggled with job also. Returned bought a Dewalt.