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Instituto Internacional de Qi Gong - iiqg - QI/CHI = ENERGÍA + GONG = TRABAJO El también llamado “Yoga Chino” se centra en mejorar nuestra salud y nuestra calidad de vida

  • http://iiqg.com/practica-qi-gong/#practicar Practica Qi Gong - iiqg - El Qi Gong es nuestro aliado ideal para combatir con el mal del siglo XXI: EL ESTRÉS.

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  • Laura - Best diaper rash cream ever!!

    This diaper rash cream is by far the best I have ever used. My son has very sensitive skin as well as eczema. This is the only cream that has cleared up his skin over night with just one use. Amazing product and worth every penny. I've told all of my friends,family and co workers.

  • J. Masteller - Didn't work as described for Shin Splints

    I bought two containers and used the product as described for 2 weeks (the bottles ran out). After purchasing the product someone e-mailed me and asked me to "stick with it for at least ten days" so I did. And after 14 days I can safely conclude that this product did not help my shin splints at all. It's very expensive for the little container you get. They do offer a money back guarantee contingent on you calling in and returning the empty containers, but my wife threw out the containers before I could send them back. So as of now I am out $40, and am back to square one. I guess that's not too bad, but I'm not happy about it.

  • MC in ATL - I've been taking this product for approximately 2 weeks + ...

    I've been taking this product for approximately 2 weeks + and it definitely promotes hair growth. For me my facial hair has increased tremendously. I got waxed and my hair growth on my face was quite evident on the wax strip :( .....Now my hair is too early to review, but I'll have to revisit within the next 30 + days.

  • Tiffanie - Love love this product!

    I was having an issue with the product smell due to my heightened sense of smell. This company has been fantastic to work with. They went out of their way to send me a new formula that has a lower, more citrus scent that would adhere better to my sense of smell. This company and product are so fantastic. The product leaves my skin smooth and I am not worried about stretch marks while using this product at all!

  • Timothy Lee - Get this book!

    What can I say about this book. It is a necessity if you are studying for boards and I recommend anyone in medical school to buy this book to supplement your lectures. There are great mnemonics and learning tools in here and it also narrows down the information and points to what you should focus your studies on. The book is well made, but I had to unbind it to make space for my own notes.

  • Bonnie - Love lavender

    This Lavender Essential Oil by Pure Body Naturals is just fabulous. It smells so relaxing and soothing. I really like to experiment with a lot of different lavender blends too. Lavender pairs so well with so many different oils that it is fun to try out various blends. Lavender all on its own is remarkable relaxing as well. A few drops of pure lavender in my diffuser at bedtime is really all it takes to set the mood for a great relaxing bedtime. I like to mix a few drops of lavender with a few drops of rosemary in the diffuser in my office. It sets the mood for the perfect combination of relaxation and concentration in order for me to get my work done without stressing out. Lavender oil has so many uses. I can’t recommend this essential oil enough. If you are just starting out dabbling in essential oils, then I suggest that lavender be one of your first purchases to start your collection. It just has such wonderful floral tones, it blends well with many different oils, and it is well known for its powers of relaxation.

  • Lastchild13 - The best silk therapy a girl could use

    In my opinion, this is the best silk therapy out there...even better than argan or morrocan oil. This does not leave any buildup on your hair, adds a beautiful shine and tames any frizz you may have ...even in humid weather. This is also a great product to use on your hands and or body for moisturizing. I have used this for 15 years and it has saved my hair from a lot of damage from blow drying, coloring and flat irons. A little goes a long way and this product is worth purchasing.