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IF - Home - worldwide umbrella organisation for spina bifida and hydrocephalus organisations. The mission of IF is to improve the quality of life of people with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus throughout the world and to decrease the prevalence of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus by primary prevention. Sharing knowledge is the first step towards limiting the effects of a disability.

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  • JOHN MAYHAN - Very economical, durable, easy install- two caveats

    Came in 4 parts plus accessories: HDMI cable and a two mini levelers. The HDMI cable alone is worth $20 (BestBuy price). The mount came in 4 parts- two piece mounting frame and two mount arms. The smaller leveler came packaged with the hardware pack, and is not mentioned in the instructions. Use its clip side to attach to the top of the frame when mounting it. Here are my installation notes: 1) it so happened that where I wanted to mount the TV there was a stud in the middle, and the assembled frame holes could not reach the other studs, each 16" from the center stud. The frame is about 32" length overall. Generally one would just offset the frame to the left or right, but with a rather large monitor, I feared an off-center appearance in the end. The solution was to mount a 34" long piece of 1" x 12" pine board and use (4) 3" lag bolts with 1/4 washers to mount the board to the studs that were to the left and right of the center stud. Afterward mount the frame using (4) #12 1" sheet metal pan-head Phillips screws with matching washers. There was enough space just below this mount to conceal a new AC outlet and an access plate for the A/V wires. 2) the mounting arms have a hardware accessory pack that is insufficient. Along with screw (a,b,c,d,or e) and star washers (f), add regular machine washers between star washers and the mount arms. Without these extra washers, the smaller screws may slip through the mount arms and cause your monitor to fall. Other than these caveats, this is really nice product.

  • maria - Love!! I used this on my skin during ...

    Love!! I used this on my skin during the summer and it gave me a really nice glow. Also great to mix in with face oils to prevent acne, dark spots, and dryness.

  • Kindle Customer - Cute

    I have bought over 20 items. The only issue I had was over a pair of boots that didn't come. They eventually refunded me and told me to keep them if they ever show. I also got a gift card for a shipment arriving late. I've learned that certain sellers are better than others. Most of what I invest in are tights leggings and accessories. The jewelry is custume but I expected that. The leggings can vary from seller to seller. I found some that were lovely and ordered 6 one of each color. A set of nail polish 12 in the pack for 16$ with $4 shipping included and received the package two days later. Nothing has come broken or torn. Everything Has fit. Ended up with two sweaters one better than the other. Yes the sizing is different. Most items are not meant for bigger people >.> maybe for the guys clothing ... yes, some things are undoubtedly knock offs but realistically if you can pull off wearing something cute that is a knock off then u can really rock with a lot from this site. Indeed do read the product and store reviews before you purchase. Not just look at the star ratings.

  • Amazon Customer - Beware caused extreme bloating

    This caused extreme bloating and had to stop using it. When I looked at the warnings it states may have been manufactured where shellfish is processed - well I am allergic to shellfish. Would have been nice to have known this before I purchased this product. I felt miserable the entire time I tried this product and still have 3/4 of a package left. What a waste of money.


    I have found this product to be good at lessening my hair breakage but I cant tell yet if it's doing anything to regrow my hair. I am not a fan of the tingle that it leaves on my scalp, I'm not sure what the point of that is, seems to me it could perform just the same if that ingredient (whatever it is) were left out. It's like rubbing Vick's vapor run all over your head, maybe not quite that intense but you get my basic point. I give it extra points for its softening ability too. It makes my hair feel very soft and moisturized which I guess is why its so good with anti-breakage. There is a fine line however, if you over do it and not wash your hair frequently enough it can leave you feeling, well, "greasy" for lack of a better word.