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    This is a very useful countertop oven. I purchased it to do frozen meats as in the infomercial. For example, I can do a frozen steak in the middle of winter (on my kitchen island) in about 25 minutes. It is tender, juicy and average in appearance. The issue is the lack of charring you would get from an outside grill. However, that charring is not healthy as it contains carcinogens, who needs that!

  • TKCP - Forget the graphics worthless!

    I used to have the Print Master series. I think Version 12 or 14 was the last one. It was great. All the graphics were loaded onto your computer. You could call them all up by typing in a topic in the search box. The later versions required you to go on line and search. Yuck. I was so disenchanted with everything that came out since from both Print Master and Print Artist. I saw this one, P.S. 24 Plat. saw that ALL GRAPHICS COULD BE LOADED ONTO THE COMPUTER FROM THE DISKS! Finally they got it right!

  • Michael - Great study aid

    My neighbor actually took this test some time ago. What he told me was that with some studying, this test is not hard. I had him actually glance over this book to see what he thought. He said he would have used it to study. He liked the content, and the way things are organized. He said it did portray the test accurately. I got the opportunity to get this product in exchange for my review. Going into this, I knew little about this test, but I figured it was worth getting since I need a part time backup plan and it seems like schools always need bus drivers. Glancing over this book, I feel relieved that with some time and effort, the test appears simple enough to pass with this book at my side.

  • C. Ortiz - Good House

    Good House for the price. Easy Construction except for the plastic door. The hinges that hold the plastic do not stay on tight and come off easily. The house blocks the dogs from bad weather which is why I like it. I recommend putting a block of wood under the house because it is close to the ground and water can possibly get in.

  • Orin - Review of the 100-night guarantee and return process

    There are plenty of reviews on this remarkable product, but I would like to supply more information on the return process for anyone who is curious.

  • TheGear - Excellent book, but not for Kindle

    I'm sorry to report that this book should not be purchased for the Kindle. It's well-written and diverse, but the equations do not scale up and down when one scales the fonts, and they are inevitably too gray, too faint, and too small to be read. I'm looking forward to reading the book in hard copy. (I should point out that I have one of the old, black and white, non back-lit Kindles. Your mileage may vary.)