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  • elias - Good buy

    The keys are a good buy. I had a bit of trouble with the item offered dus to a mix up resolved within a week.

  • Arizona kid - I have very---very fine limp hair that the least bit of conditioner will ...

    I have very---very fine limp hair that the least bit of conditioner will leave my hair plastered to my scalp that said. I thought I would give this

  • Kiera - Top Shelf Book

    They done went and did it again. Man, I could not put this book down unless I necessarily had to. Them Godfrey brothers are bosses for real. I was so ready for Macy to go. I am forever a reader of these two. They have a reader for life. It was about time that Maleek got his s*** settled. I was glad Emma and Ramsey worked their stuff out. Reading this book had me living in a fantasy land.

  • Joe Carley - Yep this is the one

    Yes, this is the book that everyone swears by. It has all the core information that you need for the step one board exam. Use this plus practice questions and you'll do just fine.

  • lisa - I'm not sure this book has a mood.

    Sofia has a troubling past and abandonment issues after her abusive mother is put into an asylum and her emotionally distant father becomes distant physically. Sofia is being raised by friends of the family, the saving grace of which is Ben, their son and Sofia's crush.