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  • ddm4v7 - Poorly done. What a shame. Don't buy

    Graphics are terrible and game is far from complete. Similar to how bf4 was released. What a major disappointment. Will be going to better business bureau to get my money back. Shame on you DICE from releasing a game filled with glitches and in this condition.

  • No Gurus Here - but just having dry hands is annoying. Maybe its the foti that helps with the ...

    This stuff stops dry hands in 7 days. I hasn't really helped by hair or nails too much, but just having dry hands is annoying. Maybe its the foti that helps with the hands. This product is too expensive for what it does, and I've started researching others. But, until I find another product that stops dry hands, I'll be buying it.

  • tasha :) - must have for the tender headed

    this is a very very nice wooden wide tooth comb. i gave this my other half and he was just so excited because now he is able to keep his hair looking smooth and never has to worry about having a bad hair day . he stated that it was made very nicely and is easy grip and hold on ,he stated that the combs teeth are very tough and easy to glide through . i like that it is very light weight and small so now it wont take up a lot of room in my bathroom where he keeps his stuff. this is a good thing to use daily and it is able to be washed and sanitized . he likes that he is able to carry this around in his pocket and it is not bulky . i like that it is water proof and you will not have to worry if it gets wet and is also perfect for the tender headed person .

  • Karin - Not the same brand I've used exactly...but seemed to work.

    Its not exactly the brand I've used in the past, but ingredients looked the same and it seemed to work,