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  • j64thnotes - Bona in swedish must mean dull, streaky, sticky floor

    Bona in swedish must mean dull, streaky, sticky floor. I didn't know that when I purchased this product, but now I do. 48 hours after thoroughly cleaning and polishing the floors, they were still sticky. After a month, I noticed the floor looked dull with filmy streaks where a sponge was used to clean a mess. If you have area rugs atop floor protectors, the bona grime will adhere to the floor protector (I waited 2 days before putting the area rugs and protectors back). When I next removed the area rugs, I noticed the floor protector cross pattern on the wood floor, AGH. I've tried cleaning it with hot water & ammonia with little improvement. I can't recommend this product at all, I bought it at HD.

  • Lycopene Crema Rinnovante - Earthly Body Marrakesh Aargan Oil Gift Bag Set

    This Marrakesh Argan oil shampoo and conditioner does not agree with my type of hair. I thought I would try it, but now it will sit in the cabinet.

  • L. D. - Great detox tea yummy and starts working fast!

    Wow this is the first detox tea I have tried and it is awesome! This Fit Tea 28 day detox herbal weight loss tea has very clear directions and a great flavor. I added a bit of honey like it suggested which made it even better. I have been using for a few days now and it clearly is suppressing my appetite and giving me more energy. It is clearing me out but I am not having issues getting to the bathroom its not that bad. I am using it in the morning for a great start to my day and energy to do the things I need to.

  • Christopher Peterson - ... listening to this album and it is such a great album to listen to during a long drive

    I grew up listening to this album and it is such a great album to listen to during a long drive! The music is catchy and extremely fun to sing along with, so be ready to enjoy some awesome 70's style Broadway music!

  • LILass - Most powerful, light and versatile upright I've ever owned- LOVE IT!

    I bought this in 2010 and it really is what I've been looking for in an upright for years! I come from a Hoover Windtunnel that weighs ~ 23lbs and was killing me. I have carpeted stairs, so wanted a lift-off type upright but the Hoover model is too heavy. Then I saw the Shark infomercial. They always have such clever designs but their cordless vac reviews are so bad, I had to check reviews online before I bought this. They clearly are much better at making plug-in vacs over cordless re-chargeables because this one is a keeper! It makes vacuuming kinda fun :)