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  • Amazon Customer - Biblical advice that transcends worldly advice to be selfish and only care about my happiness. This book will save many marriage

    Tony hits a home run with this book. My wife and I have re-aligned our roles in marriage because of this insightful read! Biblical advice that transcends worldly advice to be selfish and only care about my happiness. This book will save many marriages!!

  • Hockey19 - Works sorta... not worth $200

    I bought this after reading all the positive reviews online. As a 5'10 male with a slim build (I weigh 150) I figured this product would be perfect for me sense I read in other reviews that it wouldn't burn fat (which I didn't really need) but would increase muscle definition. I got the belt and it was very high quality and after trying it for the first time, I was not sure if I was ever going to be able to get all the way up to the 150 level. I used it every day sometimes even twice a day for a couple weeks, but no have moved to around 4/5 times a week. I've had it for around a month now, and though I've seen a little difference, the results are marginal at best. Definitely not worth $200. The pads still work great for me, all I do is, before putting the belt on, I put a capful of rubbing alcohol on them (1 cap for all three, not a cap each), rub it all over the pads with my finger, let it dry a bit, then put it on. In the end, I feel like this does something... sorta, for my abs (never once was I sore the next day even after 2 150 sessions) but I would be hesitant on spending $200, cause you are not going to get much closer to a six pack from this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Try it!

    I started off just taking one tablet in the morning and one in the afternoon for the first couple of days to get my body used to taking it. Then I increased it to two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Drinking plenty of water is essential. I have noticed a decrease in appetite and an increase in energy. I have not had a decrease in weight but have had a decrease in inches. With added exercise I know that I will reach my goals for weight loss.

  • Michelle Niedermeyer - love it

    web root is the very best in internet security........ while everyone is using free AVG, Norton, trend micro ( i do not like at all) or any other top of the line anti virus... i love web root the best... install it and forget it................ it updates on it own, scans on its own, and everything...... i would never use any other.......web root is the best

  • J. Jordahl - Not as good as expected

    I purchased this with a moderate case of poison ivy on my leg thinking it would clear it right up. I followed the instructions to a T, and did not observe the itch relief that was advertised, and definitely not in 30 seconds. So I used it again right away to see if it worked any better. After the two washes it did feel better, but it was by no means completely itch free. I washed again one more time about four hours later, and saw little improvement. The next day the poison ivy blisters were much larger and more enflamed than they ever were prior to using the wash. I think the abrasive nature of it just irritated the rash more than healing it, although there was a small area where the rash looked more dried up. I used the product again the next day, and after the treatment the rash hurt more than ever, however the rash didn't seem to spread after using this product. The tube was essentially gone after the four uses, so if you pay full price you will be paying for $10 per application. I think this product could be useful, but only right after contact with the poison ivy. My rash had been present for two days before I used the product, and I saw minimal benefit. Because this is used to wash away the oil I think it would be better suited to prevent the spreading of the rash and minimizing initial itchiness.

  • Alex J. - the light is great. Low heat output

    Is there supposed to be a switch for the veg and bloom? If not, then why is it still in the description? If so, then my unit was not assembled correctly. Can we get an official answer on this from VIPARSPECTRA?