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  • http://hertronic.com/fiskalizacija/ Fiskalizacija Hertronic - Fiskalizacija bih , fiskalni uređaji , NSC , Tring , Tremol , Epson Zif obrazac , fiskalne kase ,
  • http://hertronic.com/toshiba-40-40l5463dn-102-cm-smart-3d-tv/ Toshiba 40'' 40L5463DN 102 cm, Smart 3D TV - Toshiba 40'' 40L5463DN 102 cm, Smart 3D TV ,Full HD 2D to 3D conversion, Wi-Fi Built-in, AMR+ 400 Hz, 1xUSB,3xHDMI,PC, DVB-C/T/T2/S, Matt black bezel with silver trim and matt black flat stand, jamstvo 2 godine, detalji na: http://www.toshiba-croatia.com/television/consumer-tvs/3d/l5/40l5463dn/

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  • Peaceful - Trekking Pole that Suits My Hiking Needs

    I am an avid hiker, and when I am not hiking in the state parks, I take long walks around my town area. So this past week, I went hiking with a group of friends with this pole. Since I am only 5 feet tall, the extendable pole is set to just my preference. The pole is a must-have for the terrain that I usually hike. Climbing and maneuvering around rocks with this pole makes my hike much easier and less treacherous. This pole does not only have the top handle to hold on to, but just below the top plastic handle is a very comfortable spongy handle that I used to push myself up steep climbs to lessen the stress on my knees and strengthen my triceps. I also used it to balance myself while I hop from one rock to another when crossing streams or walking a log bridge. Going downhill with this pole takes a lot of stress off my knees. I do have arthritis on both my knees, and if I go down a tall mountain for a long period of time, my knees will start to hurt. Because of the anti shock that is built into it, it took off a lot of pressure off my knees. I was able to go down the steep mountain without any pain at all.

  • Senior Grey - This is a nice screen protector

    This is a nice screen protector. Applying it is pretty easy, and can easily be peeled to apply again, however I recommend a very, very clean environment because of some static which attracts dust. I had a small speck of dust that got trapped underneath the screen during my first installation, but peeling it off and using the provided dirt clean film let me remove the dirt from both the screen protector and my K1. The corner became a little opaque, but it was in an area outside of the active area so it was of little concern. Unlike a certain other screen protector I used on my Nexus 7, this one actually lets my Dagi Stylus glide across the screen with little resistance.

  • Zach Welch - Was great at first, but it's just gotten terrible now and can no longer return.

    When I first got this monitor it was great. I loved the "borderless" design, I paired it with a 25" 2560x1440 monitor also by Acer. I bought them both at the same time and they both worked great, but how I felt about this monitor quickly diminished. After using it for a couple of days it started to get a little backlight bleeding, this wasn't a huge issue at first, it was small and only visible at certain angles, and since the monitor was angled directly at me there were a lot of times where I did not see it. Then the screen started to cut out at times, randomly turning off and then coming back on after a few seconds, I tried multiple different ports and cables, and am completely confident in saying it is the monitor, not my video card (GTX 960 G1) or any of the cables that I have tried. But after a month of usage the backlight bleeding has gotten terrible and the cutting out just happens more and more often, and at this point I can't even return the product and I don't have the time to deal with sending this in to get repaired by Acer directly as I am a programmer and really require more than one screen to be productive in my work. It was a great monitor at first, but it's just terrible now..

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent full featured design package.

    I've owned several different home design programs over the years and this one has them all beat for features and ease of use. Much easier to learn then the actual CAD programs I've used in the past and it's material/cost functions are great. The couple of times I've used their customer service staff have left me very pleased. Overall this software is an excellent value!

  • true user - seeing is believing

    My mom had the worst bed sores and Balmex cured her right up. Best stuff ever. I recommend everyone to use Balmex for bottom problems.

  • Ariel Moseley - Brilliant

    nice little charger, charged parrot mini and iPhone quite quickly, didn't get a chance to charge my other phone but I'm sure it will work well. Happy with the purchase.These are just brilliant - you can charge two devices but most of all you can charge iPad at 2amps which is brilliant when i am in the home