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  • Kadeechah - I have 4c hair and this really works!

    I love this product! I've been natural for about a year now and wash days always made me miss my relaxed hair. After I deep conditioning my hair would be a little rough to handle ( I have 4c hair). Now would this leave in condition by hair is moist and SOFT, plus much easier to manage. I always use the cantu cowash with this too and my hair is unbelievable soft! Next, Im going to purchase the hair masque. Its soo good to find products that good soo early on my journey which makes going natural easy!....... THIS IS A MUST BUY! PS.. I even used this when I was transitioning and it made the 2 textures very manageable.

  • Jayden Manchester - I would highly recommend this bumper to anyone

    This bumper can survive anything. I installed this on my 08 Tacoma and took it off-roading in Colorado 2 weeks ago. My family and I went to four different passes- Black Bear Pass, Imogene, Ophir, and Engineers Pass. We may or may not have ridden down a few rocks with this bumper due to clearance issues, but we didn't come out with a single bump or scratch on it!

  • Elisa Nunez - Troubles

    I thought it was gonna be a disk...I'm having a hard time to find the right web page to download the protection. The one on the paperwork is wrong. Totally disappointed and 3 weeks later I still haven't downloaded it.

  • Michelle k. - ... this product for over 3 years and have really liked it. However

    I have been using this product for over 3 years and have really liked it. However, the new batch (3 pack) I purchased appears to be somewhat different from the original product. The original product had a lot more ingredients and a wide array of essential oils in it but this new one don't have many of the original ingredients and the texture is a lot more coarse than the one I presently have which is from a bulk purchase I made some time ago. I will have to see if the new batch of this product is as effective as the original product.