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  • Ouija Board -- Whats so bad about it? - Ouija Board -- Whats so bad about it?

    I don't really understand what all this hullabulu is about. So-- maybe some people believe you can be possesed by this board, but really,when my friend got one and we used it, we were fine. We talked to spirits and we learned their names and how old they were, how and when they were murdered, where they were born, and who killed them. We asked and found that there were 9 spirits in the room. I summoned my grandfather and spoke to him. Thats not exactly devilish, if you ask me. Also, I am highly offended by people who are Christian who tell everyone on this site to go pray and that you are sinners if you play with this. This is not a site where you post teachings of religions, it is a review board where you review this product. A lot of your brains don't seem to fully process that. Please, save your religios teachings for church and places like that, and stop harrassing people who aren't Christian or people who just want to have a bit of mysterious fun. IT. IS. A. REVIEW. BOARD. If you don't want to buy it, YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!! Some people want to, so leave them be!!!

  • lynn - wasnt the 5x strength

    I has ordered 2 of the 2 pack stinger 5x strength and was totally disappointed when I found out it was not what I ordered. it was not shipped to me, it was shipped to my brother, and he just told me the other day it wasn't what I ordered

  • Bart Castle - Product Is Valuable - Be Aware of New Version Challenge

    Program provides an easy to use visual processing platform. My experience with the responsiveness of the account executive assigned to me has been excellent. The platform provides an extensive group of template families to hand a broad range of business tasks from strategic planning, to project plans, to award and certificate documents.

  • Joe N. - This is a fun game to enjoy with a friend

    This is a fun game to enjoy with a friend. I didn't get into it much for cardio which is one reason I originally bought it. My partner and I love that it records you dancing and you can view the clip if you want. The song choices are ok.