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Halberg Chronobiology Center - Chronobiology offers the opportunity to quantitatively resolve the dynamics inside the normal range and hence to refine the definition of health, positively and individually.

  • http://halbergchronobiologycenter.umn.edu/home/outreach/chronobiology Cycles of Nature - Halberg Chronobiology Center - The science of chronobiology quantifies the time structure characterizing each physiologic variable, its genetically anchored and mostly environmentally synchronized chronome. Thereby, one gains new information and thus a new dimension to the care of one's health and the integrity of one's environment. The importance of chronobiologic information has been compared with the importance of the energy released by splitting the atom. This science ushers in a new era by allowing one to do more than asking only whether a time-unspecified measurement or a series of such casual measurements or even a series of systematic measurements covering a day or a week is too high or too low. Instead, one can rely on a rhythm-adjusted mean (the MESOR) that as compared to the arithmetic mean is more accurate and more precise. As a dividend (which may be more important under certain conditions than the best average value), chronobiology also pro- vides new information on the extent of predictable since rhythmic changes (the double amplitudes) and on the timing of regularly recurring high values within anticipated cycles (the acrophases), and on other indices of random or overall variability such as the standard deviation (SD).
  • http://halbergchronobiologycenter.umn.edu/home/franz-halberg/memorium Memorium - Halberg Chronobiology Center - Chronobiology offers the opportunity to quantitatively resolve the dynamics inside the normal physiologic range and hence to refine the definition of health, positively and individually.

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