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  • Ella P. - LGR may be good but not for everybody

    Please do not buy a big supply of the product right away and definitely do some research before purchasing it. LGR may be good but not for everybody. Unfortunately, I did not find any information about its side effects when I was purchasing it (from Dr. Axe's website). I am not sure if I benefit from taking the product in any way. However, I started experiencing a number of unpleasant symptoms, when I started taking it, and the symptoms have worsened over a course of two weeks (This is how long I have been taking it so far). I have had stomach aches, I have felt nauseous, I have a diarrhea, and I have felt more and more stuck/ unable to take action while approaching problems (never happened before). It may be L- Glutamine, one of the main ingredients, that causes the unpleasant side effects, or the combination of ingredients. I cannot find any information about it on Dr. Axe's website or on his Facebook page, which makes me feel a little suspicious. I would definitely appreciate more transparency on all possible effects of the product, including the negative ones.

  • Jazzfan - It does work

    My wife bought this for me after another one of my severe lower back attacks. She picked it up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond after reading about it somehwere. I took it out of the box and thought this thing is junk and just a gimmick, and nearly choked when she told me how much she paid for it.

  • jjoplin - It was a little loose on one corner causing some ...

    It was a little loose on one corner causing some vibrations and allowing dirt & dust in but rain seems to stay out.

  • A.Ene - Did not work for me!

    I wanted to try this because I read all the good reviews . Unfortunately I didn't notice a difference. I am a pretty healthy individual and I take vitmains daily. I was already healthy in the "going" department but wanted to see if this would do anything different. After taking this for 2 weeks as it said 3 in the morn and 3 at night the only difference I noticed was that I had more gas and felt bloated. I was still the same "regulaity" than I was from before taking these. No noticeable difference in the positive aspects just an uncomfortable bloating and gas. Maybe others have had better results because they are not "regular" and don't take vitamins and eat healthy so i can understand how this may have helped them, not me though.

  • poobear - Not up to standard

    This is the 6th pair of speedcross shoes I have purchased and I beleive these are nock offs. The tag syas they were made in Vietnam. All of the others I have purchased were made in China. The quality of these shoes are far below what I am used to. The sole started to separate with in 2 months, the reflective stripe across the toe area fell off the third time I wore them. The stitching is of lower quality aswell. I love all of my previous Salomon shoes so I will give them another chance but if they are made in Vietnam I will send them back.