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  • Destiny Jade - A life saver

    It is SO NICE to have just ONE charger that can charge ALL my things. Originally, all I had to worry about was my phone. I had a couple of cables for it and I was good. Now I have my phone, my husband's phone, our mp3 players, my bedside lamp, etc that all charge via USB! And they require different charging rates meaning I have to look closely at each product and charger before I plug them in! It's beyond annoying. This has become a LIFE SAVER and prevented the headache of constantly having to be careful what charger I use. I can just plug everything into this and I'm good to go! I am a little sad at the shortness of the power cord to this, but I've found it's not hindering my ability to use it. I just keep it plugged in on my bedside table and charge everything there. There is a light on it, but as with other electronics in my room, I just cut a small piece of black tape off and placed it over the light. I have no issues then (and honestly it isn't THAT bright, but I just prefer the room as dark as possible). Also, the fact that it can sit upright means it takes up very little room (although once you add all the things you are charging onto the table, you do need a decent amount of space around it). I received this product for review purposes but this has seriously been a much more useful product than I ever imagined it would be. It's just so nice not to have to worry about ruining my electronics by using the wrong charger!

  • CBonfig - Decent starter book, but NOT comprehensive guide

    I have been a pharmacist for 8 years and am currently in charge of helping to train our new technicians as they are hired. One aspect of their training is to prepare them for the PTCB exam. We have several PTCB exam prep books available, but I decided to purchase this book as well to see what it had to offer. Unfortunately, I would say it is mediocre exam prep book, at best. It covers the basics, but it isn’t a well-rounded exam prep. The math is very basic, the exam itself has more rigorous requirements. Most of the multiple choice questions/answers are simply put out there for you to answer, there isn’t any follow-up or explanation as to why the answer is correct. I didn’t review the content in detail, but one of my technicians pointed out a few things that I would consider to be errors. When taken in conjunction with other exam prep guides, this book may be considered an acceptable starter, but if you really want to pass the test, you are going to need more than this book. Honestly, working in a pharmacy before taking the exam is the best way to gain the knowledge you will need to pass the test (most states give you a period of time, usually 1 year, after starting work in a pharmacy to get certified). (I did receive this book at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. All of the information provided above is my personal experience with the book).

  • Posh - And the OSCAR goes to Stone Crop Gel Wash!!!!!!!

    This is the best gel wash for sensitive and dry skin. The smell is intoxicating! Stone Crop Gel leaves your skin refreshed, clean and balanced. There is no drying feeling whatsoever. Highly recommend for a daily cleanser!