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  • LoriO - This might just be my new favorite facial cleaner!

    I've been using this Organic facial cleaner for a couple weeks now and I must say that I really do love it. It comes out tan colored and thick. I use two pumps when cleaning my face. To me, the scent is a citrus, lemon smell. I don't think it's too bad.

  • A Great Metaphor for the Lessons of Life - A Great Metaphor for the Lessons of Life

    I bought this book as a joke while attending a government management seminar at the Maritime Institute of Technology (located in Baltimore Md). I remember thinking to myself "you know life is tough, but it is even tougher when your stupid". Here is a book written by an old captain who is tired of running over fools in their pleasure boats, and wants to educate those same fools in a futile effort to save their lives. One can almost imagine a sequel written by a train engineer "How to Avoid Parking on Train Tracks". At any rate for several years now this book has graced by desk, and has served as an inspiration for more conversations than any other book I have ever owned. Remember as you go through life you need to keep a lookout for the huge juggernauts that can really ruin your day.

  • Darron P.Castiglione - Love this product

    My wood floors, after a few years of cleaning, had a dull look to them. I actually had to get down on my hands and knees and wash them with a cloth, soap and water, to try to get the dullness out. Ugh!

  • Thea - A product that actually works

    A very nice product for using on our dogs' teeth. We've used Tropiclean now for about 5 years, and it really does help with plaque removal. You can apply it direct, or on a toothbrush (I like the toothbrush best, it works faster).

  • JAlex - My second kit

    I got my first kit for christmas...the basic kit with light beer refill. I was looking for more refills and this was priced only nine dollars more than the two pack refill that includes the same aztec beer. I bought this without thinking about it. It gives me another keg, so I can rotate batches now, another set of bottles, and two refills for 9 dollars more. Bought it without thinking. The product is really easy to use. Just two days ago I bottled both of the batches that came with this kit and started a new batch. It took me approximately an hour and a half to sterilize two cases worth of bottles, bottle all my beer, and start one new batch fermenting. The beer comes out with much more flavor than I expected and it is truly nice to see your "hard work" pay off. I say it like that because it really isn't that hard and the kit is setup to do it on autopilot. I did buy a few things since starting this hobby. I bought a digital thermometer to be able to precisely tell what the temp is where I am fermenting/carbonating. I also bought a bottle capper and some bottle caps so I can use old corona bottels as well as the PET bottels provided. I plan on rotating kegs and having one finished batch every week. Starting my pipeline.