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  • Jenny Moya - sorry very disappointed

    product was damaged. monitor does not stay down. also one of the pieces was broken. I wouldn't buy anything from Amazon again. sorry very disappointed

  • Paul - Good product!

    I used it to repair my Martin Electro-Acustic guitar, which is expensive and delicate. I was very afraid to use ANY product to glue the band that runs across the guitar's back border. But i took a leap of faith after reading a lot of reviews. It works like a charm. And you can remove the excess with a wet cloth.

  • Kristy_Elizabeth - Gimmicky

    This cleanse kit is basically a bottle of liver support herbs, generic fiber laxative, and pill form milk of magnesia; which is another type of laxative. All products which can be purchased separately and in larger quantity at a greater value. If liver support is of interest then I would buy a bottle of daily support pills vs just using this kit for 7 days. There are numerous options available on Amazon for liver support daily supplements. So basically the kit contains something some people might want to be taking everyday to begin with and the addition of some laxatives; in my opinion there's nothing special about this kit.

  • domesticated14 - Waste of time and money!

    This is no different than any language tape that has ever exsisted. You can learn some words and vocab but if you really want to learn a new language this is not the tool for the job. Fter a couple of times listening to this you will be absolutly board and loose intrest. I have used Rosetta stone before and it actually works, having said that I still think its not worth what they charge for it.