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  • Ramon X. Cortada Sr. - A mistake from Toyota and the dealer

    Great Truck!! My only complaint is that my unit came without remote control for lock/open the doors and the salesmen didn't advise me of this inconvenient. It never occurred me that a unit close to 30K will come from factory only with keys. I had to install a separate system w/remote.

  • Virginia V. - Helpful product

    Fast delivery, product as described, excellent expiration date. Bought this for my grandson. Seems to be helping him.

  • Joseph - ... showed up and looked smaller than I expected (my bad. I should have read the description better) but ...

    These plates showed up and looked smaller than I expected (my bad. I should have read the description better) but I'm actually happy about it because it has made our portion control easier. I have loved not washing as many dishes. They are sturdy and nice looking. No complaints.

  • J. Howell - An extremely strong and effective solvent

    I have used this solvent a number of times to remove adhesive and badging from my cars. For that it works wonderfully. When used modestly it does not effect automotive surfaces or glass. Since this stuff is so potent, I would recommend using the the spray straw in the nozzle so that you can more carefully target where you spray this stuff. You want to be very careful where you put it. It also evaporates rapidly so you need to work quickly when you use it.

  • Marianne Petersen-Ries - My husband uses this atlas in his job as a professional driver and loves it.

    Since he drives all over as a driver, this street atlas gives him convenience and clear directions. Thank you much.

  • milncraig - Very helpful!

    Very helpful for catching up on lost time. I stopped making databases over 10 years ago and had to make one up for my job. This came in very handy!

  • M. Tompkins - Best Product!

    My friend told me about this product because I asked her why her hair always looked so good. "It's the Taffy." she said. I found it on Amazon for less than the local salons even with shipping. It works so well with my fine hair. LOVE IT!