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  • LindaPBFL - Great Product

    This product really works for aches and pains. I use it at bedtime on whatever happens to be aching that day - sometimes it's my knee, sometimes my wrist, neck, whatever. And it definitely takes the pain away. And no smell!!

  • Mary - Hurts like hell, does nothing.

    For me, personally, this stuff is awful. I have PCOS and have to wax my face weekly, so I was looking for something to help soothe my poor abused skin, and also reduce some of the redness. Based on the ingredients listed it should work well, but maybe my skin is more sensitive than I realized - it burned, and it didn't help reduce any redness or bumps. If this works for you, awesome! But my skin is apparently a full-on princess and couldn't deal with this product.

  • Eve F - Wrinkle Reducing Miracle

    I tried this cream after reading mixed reviews. I took into account all the various suggestions and felt like it still had a lot to offer me. Being middle aged, I have signs of aging in my face. I tried all kinds of other creams behind heading to this one. This one DOES THE TRICK! My skin is so much smoother and more youthful! I love how well it erases lines and dark marks on my face. I was careful not to put it too close to my eyes like others had mentioned. My cheeks and forehead were revived, but I still felt like my eyes were suffering. So many prescription creams carried the hefty price tag, so I turned to more suggestions online and landed on a different but inexpensive retinol cream to try for the circles and creases I'd developed around the eyes. With this product- 

  • Michael D. Ullman - Interesting but Dissappointing

    The introduction gave me hope that Murray had written both a "very readable" book and one with a nice mix of statistics and decently-researched suppositions. However, after the first chapter where he readily admits that he "doesn't have much to add that Brooks and Florida haven't covered, I realized that I was in the midst of a big of a dissappointment.