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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Brian L. Seekford - Worked well for electronics but doesn't let you plug into the matrix.

    Reasonably priced and met my needs. I tried to use them to connect myself to the TV matrix style, but that did not work. Apparently only things like fire tvs, xbox's, dvr's and other so called "electronics" are able to use them.

  • SMS41 - Five Stars

    I laughed throughout the entire book. Thank you MS. Ajayi! We appreciate all the side eye and shade!

  • Eloise L. Smith - Hallmark 2011

    I was not pleased with this product I have owned an earlier version and it was much better. the cards were nicer. These cards were cheesy.I thought since its been a few years since I had purchased this product that the card would be better and more life like. They seem to contain a lot of cartoon cards. Disappointed.

  • Sms4461 - WeatherTech liners for 2013 Ford Escape

    I love them, I purchased the front and back floor liner combo and the cargo liner. They fit like a glove, and turn up at the sides so if something is spilt it will catch it. The back seat floor liner is all one piece and goes right over the hump in the middle. They fit great and has come in handy already with my grand daughter throwing cups and snacks out of her carseat. The front liners fit great and snap into the floor so these mats are not moving. The only thing I wish is that the driver side left foot rest was fully covered. The liner goes up maybe a little more than half way. That is not where I rest my foot, so it is not a biggie for me. The cargo liner is perfect.


    I too was SENT the old product......I am reporting them to the BBB and sending a shout out to all 5000 of my FB friends....You are a disgraceful company,.....If they had no stars JAWTOOTH COMPANY....THAT WOULD BE APPROPRIATE,......LOWLIFES

  • CMS. - Disappointed,.. Not heavy duty as said

    I was looking for a sewing machine that can work easily on denim, canvas, and multilayer fabrics. I having been using singer 2263 but it's not powerful enough on hemming jeans. I surveyed and bought this singer 4411 as I don't need much stitches jut need a heavy duty machine. As it was described as a workhorse but I was very disappointed when I tried it on only 3 layers of denim the needle broke.