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  • Quit Smoking Help - If you want to Quit Smoking Help is right around the corner. Set a quit date, tell family and friends, stock up and snacks and get ready.
  • Latest Stop Smoking News - Latest news about quitting smoking and related issues such as research and studies about smoking, smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes.
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  • Nicotine Replacement - Nicotine Replacement Therapy is a method to help stop smoking and comes in the form of gum, patch, lozenge, inhaler and spray.
  • Smoking Medication - There is smoking medication available that has been approved by the FDA to help you quit smoking.
  • Do E-Cigs Damage the Cells in Your Mouth? - Many individuals believe electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes, but a new study suggests that is not the case at all.
  • What are You Really Smoking? - There is very little awareness of the chemical components of cigarette smoke among adults in the United States, even though many of them have reported seeking out relevant information.
  • Quitting Smoking Overnight Is Better Than Doing it Gradually - Do you want to stop smoking? Forget trying to do it by cutting down. If you really want to quit smoking, kicking the habit cold turkey is still the best option, so says the headline from the Mail Online.
  • CDC Statistics Show More People Stopped Smoking in 2015 than in Previous Decades - The number of individuals in the United States of America who smoke cigarettes declined at a faster rate last year in 2015, than it has in more than two previous decades according to new research from the Centers for Disease Control.
  • Nicotine Deadly for Diabetics - New research shows that nicotine can be deadly for diabetics and raise blood sugar levels More Videos
  • How do E-Cigarettes Work? - Learn more about how e-cigarettes work and if they are a safe way to quit smoking Watch the latest video at More Videos
  • A Nicotine Patch for Dementia? - Preliminary research suggests that nicotine might have a therapeutic use for dementia in non-smokers More Videos
  • Does Quitting Smoking Cause Weight Gain? - One myth about quitting smoking is that the smoker will gain weight, but is this true?
  • CDC Reports Anti-Smoking Efforts - CDC finds that states should be doing more in anti-smoking efforts More Videos
  • Study Finds Smokers Light Up Even After Cancer - A study finds that smokers keep smoking despite being diagnosed with cancer More Videos
  • Treatment of Emphysema - Emphysema, the debilitating and chronic disease of the lungs, is strongly connected to smoking. Here are some of the steps that occur during the treatment of emphysema: Stop Smoking
  • Best Start Program - California has taken money out of the pockets of smokers and placed it in the hands of children’s services. Part of the 50 cent tax increase passed in 1998 on each pack of cigarettes sold goes to a program called Best Start, a Los Angeles based program that focuses on the healthy development of children, pregnancy to age 5.
  • 10 Ways to Quit Smoking - Nearly everyone who has become addicted to smoking has tried to quit at one time or another. Here are 10 ways to quit smoking that can get smokers started down the path of quitting for good.
  • Steps to Quit Smoking - When you are ready to quit smoking it helps to have a game plan in place. This helps to be more successful in the journey and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you meet specific goals within your quit plan.

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    I looked at many treadmills before purchasing the Sole F63. I am a heavy (but fast) runner...I weigh 255 lbs. but I run 6:50 pace. This machine takes the punishment of me running at 8 and 10 mph. I have had it for 3 years. I train a 4:20 miler on it (it does not go fast enough for his top speed, but he has put many hours on the treadmill at pace-work). I keep thinking that we will eventually break the machine, but so doesn't care that I am pounding on it on a daily basis. For $999, you will not find a better machine.

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    Like most who purchased this product, it was my first espresso maker. And I found out quickly that hunting for these things can be overwhelming! I purchased it at my local Target for $79.99 for convenience in case I had to return it -- with all of the mixed reviews out there, I was incredibly weary of choosing one! However, I will most likely not need to do so. It is perfect for all of my needs!