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  • Linda Davis - there are some good stories in this collection and I hate to be ...

    Obviously, there are some good stories in this collection and I hate to be overly critical because I want people to read more short stories. But I knew with Jennifer Egan as the judge there would be a fair amount of "showing off," and, in my opinion, there is too much. I like a great voice in a short story and with this batch, the emphasis is more on "cool" and "male" and big words. Last year's, with Elizabeth Strout as the editor, was far better.

  • Patty Pyle - Adorable little clock

    My 4yr old loves his stoplight clock, it works great and the stoplight concept is easy for him. The clock is very lightweight, and one thing I did not know before buying is that the car is porcelain, but the rest is plastic, making me wonder if it would survive a drop. I still think this was a great buy though.

  • Gary Willi - Great all around ball for the money

    Long, less side spin, and decent backspin on approach shots. About the cheapest price out there for a urethane cover.

  • Mark - I lost 20 lbs pretty quickly in less than a month

    I was just as skeptical then as you are while reading this now. I learned about this product through that NutriMost diet program, but when I learned that they wanted $2500 for that program, I did some research and decided to just buy this product that they use in the NutriMost program instead. This product really did take my appetite away to where I did not feel hungry, and did not have any real interest in eating. I was honestly shocked to see my weight drop by 0.8 - 1.5 lbs each day. I thought that there was a problem with my scale until my clothes started fitting loose on me. I lost 20 lbs pretty quickly in less than a month. I stopped using these drops and decided to treat myself to some ice cream and carbs over the last couple of weeks, and while I stopped losing weight, I have not gained any weight back! I just restarted the product again yesterday and am planning to lose another 20 lbs over the next month. The product is not cheap, but it definitely works.