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  • Michael J. Miller - This is really a good value. I left my high priced Braun electric ...

    This is really a good value. I left my high priced Braun electric razor somewhere and needed a short term replacement. So, I was used to the best, but needed something to get me by for a few days. This razor does what it is represented to do and maybe better. I have a challenging beard, but this really got the job done. It has its shortcoming compared to my high priced razor, but value is there (performance relative to cost). If your expectations are too high either buy a high priced razor or grow a beard. But, if you want expediency, this is the razor for you. It's a little bit like mowing your yard with a mechanical law mower. You may have to go over the rough spots several times, but you'll get there.

  • Shana - ... get on but once the tray is attached it's wonderful. I like the ability to remove from both ...

    It is slightly hard to get on but once the tray is attached it's wonderful. I like the ability to remove from both sides however it is a little high.

  • Looking for a deal - It's not skin!

    People I also bought in the mall from a girl who wouldn't take no for an answer this is ALWAYS a warning sign. I almost finished the jar of the facial peel when I decided to do a test I rubbed the material between rubber gloves and it magically turned to "skin

  • ChelseaWynn - *Proceed with caution*

    Don't waste your $ The first few days, I felt great & it gave me wonderful amounts of energy. After taking it for a week, I started to have trouble sleeping at night. I'd lay in bed for hours trying to fall asleep (so aggravating!) therefore I'd be exhausted the next day with little sleep & thrive did little to help. But I felt I should stick it out, so i did. Week 3, I was still having trouble falling asleep & getting more & more tired as the days went on. It finally got to where I didn't really want to do anything at all because I was so tired (it made for an un-enjoyable vacation too) So i decided to take a break & instead of taking every day, to just take it when I need the extra boost. And day 1,2 & 3 of no thrive = being tired, sad (not normal) & depressed. Good luck to those of you who quit taking it too! I tell ya, it's no fun.

  • ann aquino - fun.

    A great book for when you want something to read but not devote all your attention to. It would have been perfect when I was receiving chemo, for instance. Also good while waiting in the doctors office or airport.

  • Tandi Wheless - Great reference book

    Very nice, easy to follow drug reference guide. Extremely helpful for any nurse or CMA. I would recommend this book to anyone in the healthcare profession, students or even lay people.

  • J. Kawakami - Oil drips. Water faucet cartridge restoration.

    I've used this in my oil, and it worked pretty well. It took two applications, and maybe 1/3 of a bottle each time. The first time, the leak slowed. Then I did an oil change and added more a while after that. The dripping seems to have slowed a bit more.