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  • Jo Ann Mcbride - They are fine

    I was kind of disappointed because I thought I was buying drip pans that were more easy to clean. These were basically the same as I can buy in a store. My bad though. They are better than what I had. I just have to be more diligent about cleaning everyday.

  • Amazon Customer - Pretty, but more plain than others. Mine was in less than new condition from BlankSlateLLC.

    Ornament is pretty plain this year. I get one for my mom every year, so it is what it is. If you aren't collecting each year, I'd look for another year if you want one of these snowflakes. I agree with other comments that it's pretty disappointing this ornament marks the 25th anniversary. I didn't think they did a good job gluing the 6 pieces together either, but I feel like mine was a factory seconds or something. The barcode/tag was ripped off my outer box with a generic barcode label stuck below it. Kind of ticks me off because the box is important to me too. Don't buy from BlankSlateLLC unless you don't care about the box or wonder why the original label is ripped off. Mine came in a larger cardboard box with no packing material as well. Corners on Swarovski box were fuzzy because of that, but ornament wasn't broken.