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  • waxy_pallor - Here are some helpful tips!

    I love Splat and I have been using it for over a year. I've tried just about every brand of purple hair dye, and this is by far the best! It lasts for about 4 months on my hair and then fades to a lavender that is very pretty--I like it even better than the initial color! My natural hair color is a medium ash blonde, and I've never had to bleach it, the Splat just covers it right up. I know lots of people like special effects, but this color is much stronger and lasts a lot longer, and it is very gentle on your hair without any damage or stripping. I've applied Splat "lusty lavender" about 8 times, and here are my "pro tips":

  • Allison Adams - Incredible Product!!!

    We just bought a house that was built in 2001. It has the original light oak cabinets. They were in pretty good shape, but some of them had a worn finish, especially since the cabinets did not have pulls. The cabinets near the sink were the worst. I was disappointed in the crackled finish. I spent a lot of time reading online about different products that would allow me to improve the look of the cabinets without a full renovation.