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  • clearwaterrita - NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia

    I love this product. So far it is doing exactly what I have read that it does. It has been 2 full weeks and I have lost 5 pounds without changing my diet or exercise in any way. I do not feel any side effects either. It is reducing my appetite as well as taking the pounds off. I have several friends who are using the product and are having the same results.

  • Mrs.Drowlord - I think it's a good digestion aid.

    I'm not sure what this does for me but I seem to have more regular bowel movements than when I don't take it.

  • kcshorty - Unexpected size for teen vitamin

    I ordered specific 'teen' vitamins thinking that they would be smaller since most teens are still learning to swollen pills. I wasn't happy to find out that they were the same size as my multi-vitamin. My child is taking them, but I'm having to cut them in thirds. I will be finding another vitamin from now on.

  • Reviewer22 - Highway Robbery

    I "needed it yesterday," and the 2010 version is now officially out-of-date or "obsolete" (according to the manufacturer.) Find another way if you are ableā€¦ This is the reason people want to migrate away from "PC" hardware products--to avoid being "held hostage" by the software manufacturers (or sellers, in this case). Let's face it--the latest version is not necessarily the best version, or even a safe and/or reliable version. Sad situation with which the consumer is faced.

  • Scott - Product breaks fast not worth it!

    I bought this product 3 months ago and now it does not work at all. The rubber ring has come off and it will not go on again such that the lid works. No lid, no tumbler. I tried to contact the company about it but they just quoted their return policy. Please do not buy these as they work well for a small period of time and then they are worthless. If all of us on Amazon focus on buying quality products then maybe we can get away from this buy and throw away garbage. I stopped buying things at Walmart for this reason. Pls lets not make Amazon another walmart where everything comes from countries where the build qulaity is so bad their people will not buy from their own country.

  • William E. Hanson - Stubby replacement antenna for GMC Acadia Denali 2012

    Product is 5-Star, but had to exchange for different model because GMC had changed OEM suppliers mid-year for 2012 models to use 2013 antennas, which has a different thread. Craven Speed quickly replaced with correct model at their own expense. A warning to all GMC Acadia owners, if you have a 2012 model, it could use either model CRCH-00015-AC intended for model years 2006-2012 or if you have a late model 2012, then you may need model CRMC-0704-AC. Check with your local GMC dealer for details, if possible; bet they don't have a clue, but Craven Speed will get it right for you.

  • Sammicat - Needs work

    I have used RL in the past. I was tempted by the Idol Lash free sample. I tried two tubes with Little to NO results. I now use LL, only three days and I already feel the coarser texture of my lashes. I would not recommend Idol Lash, it seems about effective as water would be.