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Eye Surgeons Bendigo - HOME - Medical Director and Chief Eye Surgeon of Eye Surgeons Bendigo is Mr. Farokh Irani. Services include cataract surgery and treatment for glaucoma eye conditions and retina conditions.

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City: 138.5986 South Australia, Australia

  • christy - What I was expecting. But after 10 min I ...

    What I was expecting . But after 10 min I was finished watching I continued to watch just because I couldn't believe a group so strong went down without a fight .

  • Physicist Mom - Be careful if you have allergies

    My kids had been sick this season and I started my family on this. We loved the taste! My daughter, who was recovering from walking pneumonia, and my husband haven't gotten sick since. But ironically the very next day, my son and I started coughing severely and continued coughing for weeks. I took my son to the doctor twice and even put him on antibiotics because my daughter had walking pneumonia, although the doctor didn't hear pneumonia. But his cough didn't get any better and we lost a lot of sleep! Then I realized that the reason must have been these gummy bears, considering the timing and the fact that nothing else was helping. Either Vitamin C/Zinc/Echinacea booted our immune system and worsened the seasonal allergy, or we were allergic to any of the ingredients. My son is sleeping sound now after we stopped these.