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  • Ebenezer S. - Don't be a sucker.

    What a rip off. This guy is trying to ride the great Donald Trump's coattails to sell a crappy book he obviously threw together in a weekend. This is a whole lot of nothing.

  • Carrie - Truly 12 benefits ! (If not more!) This hair treatment is awesome!

    I first received this as a sample in a Glossybox and loved it! I now buy it from Amazon. It really does what it says -- a million things for your hair! It's shinier, smoother, easier to manage, smells great, and even blows dry straighter. I think this product would be great for anyone. I have thick naturally straight hair. Have used when I colored my hair and now that I don't.

  • Timothy D. Taylor - This Version is Halloween Cash Grab!!!

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the movie!! Classic, classic film!!! But thinking that the shirt was cool and the $40 price tag was worth it? HELL NO!! Since you can get the SAME disc for $10, you're paying $30 plus tax for a shirt that is barely worth $18 and it's size large, not even XL. Do not waste money like I did and save the cash and buy just the Blu-ray at $10. Warner Bros, you're horrible!! Rip off!

  • Trevor A. Fuhrman - Great information; great length.

    An incredible compilation of interesting stories and facts. I have been a subscriber of Mr. Lewis' daily newsletter (nowiknow.com/) for a few years now, and the facts he provide are a perfect length to begin any day.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't be Fooled by the New Azo in the Bottle--it's not the same formula

    This won't cure an UTI but if you take it daily or especially when you've done those things that bring on an UTI (we all know what our triggers are if we think about it)it can prevent you from getting one. I used to buy this at the Walgreen's right down the street, but the management there has started carrying the Azo in the bottle that is only the cranberry--any old cranberry gel-cap is about the same, but the Azo that comes in the box has a key ingredient that is necessary to keep you from getting an UTI--the probiotics. Just as our gut needs certain probiotics so too does our bladder. Great stuff to keep in your medicine chest.

  • Music29418 - Publisher

    Publisher is my favorite program to work in. I use it at work, at home, and at church. It's also user friendly and I would recommend this program to all of those who work in the office or for those who work with websites.