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  • Mariann - Best thing I have done for myself in a long time...I feel so much more healthy ......

    I am so happy with the Cranberry capsules ......I open them and dump the powder into a small cup...add very warm water and drink it. It has a good taste and it is a plus for me to be able to not take the capsule itself..I see such a difference in my health since I began to use this product.

  • Kimmy Nguyen - This scooter are light

    This stroller are light weight but the space for the sit are to small it not comfortable for the leg room.

  • Dorothy - Please Read This!

    I don't give anything five stars....I may have to re-think that. The author taught me things that I did not know and/or focus on, in my education of history. In loaning it to a friend and speaking about it to others they too are interested in it.

  • roshambo - Great tools

    Jump started my weight loss! lost 30 lbs in 3 months, even through holidays. After, I applied jackie warners this is why your fat and how to be thin forever. And a lot of sweat, I lost 80lbs. Come on, believe you can and do it!

  • bonfireblondie - Best cream!

    This is hands down, the best, healing, softening foot cream. The only one I have used for years. I've tried many foot creams and nothing else works as well. I always recommend it to friends who have dry feet problems. Pricey, but so worth it!

  • Reza - Definitely read this.

    This book is very technical and well presented. It helps you learn what and why you hurt before you fix it. The stretches, drills and information in this book are very good. I am a golfer and I recommend this to anyone who might have back pain.

  • Amazing Customer - Good Prenatal Vita...

    I love this product so far! It works just as well, if not better than I expected! I am definitely pleased with the results that I have received by using this product. I will definitely be purchasing this item again in the near future and I highly recommend it! Great value! As a disclaimer, I received this product either for free or at a discount for my unbiased and totally honest review. In no way have I been compensated by this company for my honest review. Although I have received the item at a discounted price, I do not give good ratings on anything that I would not be willing to shell out my hard earned cash. I absolutely do recommend this product for your needs. I also rely on reviews for my personal shopping experiences and this is why I attempt give you my most accurate review possible so that other customers can make informed decisions. If I see in the future that this product fails to perform or fails hold up to its claims, I will immediately update my review and star rating. Please rate my review as "helpful" if this has helped you in any way. Because, by clicking helpful, this will also help me with my reviews! Thank you so much!