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  • brian campbell - NO!!!!!!!!!!

    I tried this on one of my side doors (04 Chevy Silverado). At first it looked ok, then after a week and one wash it was back to the same faded door.

  • mlcreature - Better for Middle Reader/Young Adult Authors

    It's no doubt a great book. No buyer's remorse here. However, much of the information is weighted to middle reader and young adult authors. I wish there was more info re picture books.

  • grandma of two - Excellant floor liner set.

    Delivered on time, fit like a glove, and perfect for winter conditions in NE Ohio snow belt. Great buy for price.

  • Amber G - Works extremely well not to strong on my gums even ...

    Works extremely well not to strong on my gums even when a little got on them but worked its magic on my teeth and the light is a plus. I recieved this product at a discount for my honest review all views are my own and true for me.

  • Andrew Hansen - YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT!!!!

    I just started using this study material two weeks ago and I am already seeing drastic results, especially in the math section. The videos used in this section are a perfect refresher for those who do not quite remember the middle/high school math. Furthermore, this study material is on your computer, where as most other products are out of a text book. Since it is on the computer, it makes this product the most similar to the actual DAT. Needless to say, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is studying for the DAT.

  • Iulia - Allergic Reaction

    Not even a minute after applying this product onto my face and neck, my skin broke out into a red rash. The rash appeared as streaks where I had slid the cotton ball over my face. Awful product for something that's supposedly "70% organic." What the heck is in the other 30%?