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  • deloris mccormack - zeal for life is great

    this is a good product, i feel better than i have in a long time, i do not have to take a lot of vitams like i use to.

  • DSB, Bryan, Tx - Webroot is the best

    Had Norton ony husband's computer and it crashed. Geek Squad founds over 120 viruses on it. Wouldn't have happened if I could have convinced him to use Webroot!

  • matt - Three of the bottles came opened.

    The oils are good I was just not very happy about getting a used item. The orange was almost empty. Got one good use out of it that is all.

  • Fran - I was a skeptic but this stuff worked for me in Atlanta

    OK, brought this stuff, 2 large bottles at Costco. Figured if it was crap as I expected it would be, I'd take it back since that's how Costco works. Watered it down as instructed and sprayed one side of two stone steps which were covered in black Mildew. About a week later I noticed a definite difference but wasn't blown away by the results. It does say though, give it a few weeks. Yeah, right. However, I am about a month into leaving it and it's amazing. One side is still the black mildew and the other is about 80% cleaner and brighter. I am going to give another little spray and I reckon in 2-3 more weeks, it'll be as new. I deliberately didn't scrub it either!

  • Arlene Fullenkamp - To access the online, it asks for a password ...

    To access the online, it asks for a password in which you will find within the book. Well this one didn't work and it's highly aggravating. I've had several people try and they are as confused as I am. It just doesn't acknowledge. I figure I paid for it so why doesn't it work?????!!!

  • 996driver - Fast and Effective. This is the future

    I purchased this directly through Webroot after discussing with our CIO at work and researching online. I was as skeptical at first given that it is different and ran a multi layered protection for a few months but now that I have used it and continued to research it, I will no longer continue my Brand N subscription.This software is outstanding. The cloud based paradigm and way it works is the future IMHO. It sits on the PC's very lightly and is amazing in its ability to protect. Given what I do for living I am on soem "iffy Asian" sights and it is always working and always blocking. When I added it to the kids laptops it found malware that had been sitting there under the watch of brand N and smashed it all.

  • Stephen John, DDS - Best floss on the market!

    Seriously the best floss on the market! As a Periodontist, I am very particular on what floss I recommend to my patients. My wife is Dental Hygienist. It is the only floss that she will use. Most dental floss is too thin and not efficient on removing the plaque. Cocofloss is thick enough to remove the plaque and thin enough to fit through the contacts. The flavoring is just the right amount. Check out the Cocofloss website to see the therapeutic benefits of coconut oil. We give a 'sample' of Cocofloss to every patient. A large number of those patients who tried the floss have signed up for their 'automatic shipping program' so they will not run out of floss. Sure it is a bit more expensive than the other companies. BUT it is worth every cent. Give it a try! Give your teeth and gums a treat!