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  • mauibeach - Really works

    Great vitamin for thinning hair. I have used 3 bottles of this so far and still see improvements. Gels were a little sticking together when received, but gently pulled apart.

  • Adriane - Nice and light, keeps makeup in place all day

    This is the first foundation primer I've ever used. I was very hesitant to start putting so much stuff on my face because I didn't want to feel like I had a billion pounds of gunk on me. This primer is so nice. It's runnier than I expected - I guess I was expecting some thick cream or something - so you don't really need a lot. It goes on very smoothly and after it's on you can't feel its presence. My foundation, blush, and bronzer stay on all day and don't fade away. Great product, I highly recommend it.

  • Tony - Great item

    I was looking for a new butter to use when I came across this one. The current one I am using is not as smooth and was looking for something a little smother so I tried this one out and I love this item. It goes on very nice and also smells very good. It easy to apply and easy to use and does not leave a greasy feeling after applied. I would recommend this item to you if your in the market for an item like this!

  • Alison L. Lane - We recommend this program to everyone!

    This is the plan that kick started our weight loss and healthy eating. Months later we are remain down in weight and still enjoy our breakfast shakes. The first 3 days were tough as we detoxed off caffeine, alcohol, and sugar, but now we are in a healthier place and understand our bodies better. My husband has done so well, his doctor lowered his cholesterol medicine and may take him off completely!!! We recommend this program to everyone!