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  • nichele crawley - AMAZING!!!!

    I think this is the first time I actually wrote a review. I was extremely skeptical but purchased this anyway. I tested it on my hand without covering it and nothing happened. The next day I put it on then covered in saran wrap and tested it and barely felt anything. I dabbed it on my back and covered it for 1.5 hours then took it off. My appointment started late but I literally had to ask her if she had begun because I felt NOTHING. It lasted for about a half hour into it due to us staring late. Don't apply more than an hour before you start. After it wore off, I was in pain. I will definitely purchase again. Well worth it.

  • Carla - Useless agains black / rat snakes

    Used this to repel a black snake that insisted on hanging around my front door and slipping into a gap behind my front stoop. Useless. I watched the snake slither right through the stuff on several occasions. Turns out that moth balls from the dollar store works better !

  • Conservative Attorney - Visually dull, Installation a real nightmare.

    I wanted to upgrade my QuickBooks Pro to a multi-user so I purchased this product. It was a major problem to install on the server and get operational. I could not do it on my own and I had to call support to do the install remotely. Even tech support had multiple problems and took 2 hours of my Saturday afternoon just to get it up and running. It would be nice if the install was not such a nightmare with multiple issues. Since this was an upgrade from 2011 to 2013, I liked the previous colors and layout of 2011. I do not like the dull and unappealing look of 2013. I have not found if there is a way to change the appearance.

  • Ima Rascal - Works a little

    Works a little. Went back to other products based on various opinions of the product. Key features include:

  • Jody McDaniel - and have excellent polarization. I've been very impressed and will use ...

    The lenses were clear, optically correct, and have excellent polarization. I've been very impressed and will use Ikon again.

  • Theresa - Do yourself a favor, folks, and read all the reviews.

    No index so that you an find info quickly, recommendations of products that contain fillers, etc, major health issues many people suffer from not addressed at all such as estrogen, adrenal and thyroid issues - the author simply bashes bioidentical hormones. The cost of $10 mentioned in the title is very misleading as it's just not true. Including a simple chart to show names, dosages and times to take which supplements would have been such a huge addition - the author is clearly lazy and cares mostly about looking hot for his hot wife! If the supplements mentioned in this book are all we need to be healthy, why does the author sell his own line of different, very expensive supplements? If you're on his email list, you're bombarded daily! Do yourself a favor, folks, and read all the reviews. 5 star reviews are fished for and sometime paid for here at Amazon. I was pretty disappointed with this book.