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  • Mr. Mr - I love the design

    I love the design, the fit is smaller than expected, but my overall likelihood that I buy another pair is great! But 1/2 size larger.

  • Sherlock holmes - ... movie was a bit campie - but I always enjoy the Rock - it held together well - has ...

    ok- the movie was a bit campie - but I always enjoy the Rock - it held together well - has some interesting characters and plots and I really enjoyed the friendship of the people he hangs around with - they all fit together well. the female warrior was impressive - the special effects we very good - I did not see the other Hercules that came out at the same time to compare- I do feel that the Rock is a decent actor and keeps us entertained, My 13 yr old daughter loved it too - we are action adventure movie people and love stuff like this - if this is your genre then you will like this movie

  • Annie Blue - Be ready for the ride of your life.

    This is a great read.. Jodi walking into a violent death of her family and put at risk with a rival mob gets you drawn it, and it from there we see the relationship and attraction between Jodi and her forced captor grows as the danger grows. Dante is the whole package, strong, brave and bad boy all the way. B.B. Hamel did great with this book and I as a ARC reader feel anyone who passes on this book needs to have their head examined.

  • homeschoolmom - Great hubcaps at a great price

    The hubcaps were of good quality and cost FAR less than what the dealer wanted for a single hubcap. They were easy to install as well. As long as you don't mind not having the official Toyota seal in the middle of the cap, these are fantastic. For a savings of about $65 PER HUBCAP, I can live without the seal.

  • sunchip - Just recieved today. I just wanted to clarify with ...

    Just recieved today. I just wanted to clarify with people... I took one made oatmeal ate and had no coffee. I feel energized. I'm gonna hit the gym. It does not make u burn or itch or antsy just fallow the directions. One pill is equivalent to 3 cups of coffee. So do not drink coffee with. And eat before you take it! I'll come back and post results of weight after 30 days

  • Stephanie - Best calander for the pagan path

    I buy these every year! (8yrs) Lots of useful info, I couldn't imagine using another datebook, the moon cycles and recipes are a fabulous addition, the pages are usually black & white, but I use colored pencils and make mine more unique ;)

  • Cori Burke - I LOVE this product

    I LOVE this product! I was first told about this at a slow store. I had tried other popular products that claimed to do the same and never really liked how my hair felt. After trying this I have been a faithful customer for years. My curly frizzy hair is soft and touchable!!!